BTS is a group of seven members, a South Korean band of boys. The band originated in the land of Korea and is presently dominating the genre of pop music all around the globe. The group has become so very popular that they have gradually attracted a lot of followers in their Instagram account and making it count about 5 million.

In Twitter, they have 8 million followers.  Even the famous Times Magazine has named the band to be among the top rated 25 most influential and wanted bands whose performance are viewed vigorously not only in Korea but all over the world. The Korean band BTS’s net worth is estimated somewhere around 46 million dollars.

Early life

The BTS or original name Bangtan Sonyeondan has been originated in the land of South Korea. The band is also known to people as Bulletproof Boys scouts. The group tried to follow an outright change in the recreating the band identity,  “Beyond The Scene.” The seven boy’s band started there performance in the year 2010.

All its members got recruited by the audition held by the Big Hit Entertainment “Hit It.” The audition was a tuff one, and only the most talented ones with abundant talent got selected for being the core member. The finalized line of member got the real picture in the year 2012.

After all the formalities were met out, the administration started marketing about the group through the established individual Twitter account and made the group cover widely through platforms like Sound Cloud and YouTube.

The seven members of BTS are RM, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, V, Suga and J-Hope. Knowing about these young personalities would be quite interesting as they are truly dedicated to the genre of pop music and remains deeply associated with their band.  They believe in unified effort and never entertain autocratically.

Before entering the BTS group and making their first debut. RM was previously an underground rapper; Jin had been a film art student studying at the University of Konkuk. Jimin and V were associated with each other as they attended the same institution Korea Arts High School. Jungkook was previously auditioned in the audition of Superstar K.  Suga was known to be an upcoming underground rapper in Daegu, and J-Hope was glad enough to be a member of the group Neuron, a well-established street dance group.

Finally, the first debut of BTS was released in the year 2013, in June and was considered a part of their effort as the “school trilogy.”  The album when released got a warm welcome from all over Korea, and they received the award “New Artist of the Year” held in the Melon Music Awards.  They were also successful in achieving the Golden Disc Award and finally in the year 2014; the group grabbed the Seoul Music Awards.


In the year 2013, they were giving a fabulous chance to be the star in the variety show titled Rookie King Channel Bangtan that was screened in the SBS-MTV that continued with eight series. The show was a super hit and consisted mostly some of the prominent parody numbers. It also consisted of several contests and popular shows that are regularly viewed on the Korean TV.

The last parts were based on the school love affair that got released in the year 2014. The famous billboard World’s Album charts the Korean band at number three position. It was then on March 7, the band thought of releasing their album 2 Cool for Skool in the Japanese version. The releasing of the album also helped the group to promote the necessity of tourism between the country of South Korea and Russia.

They also went for judging a K-Pop competition for dance and also performed for the event.  They soon came up with their fourth studio album titled dark and wild and got it released in the year 2014, 19th August.

They successfully released their first album in Japanese version “Wake up In December” and followed the procedure of promoting tourism. BTS was even nominated for the category of the Best Dance Performance and was awarded the UnionPay Song of the Year. In the year 2014, the group received the Mnet Asian Music Awards. Just after following their Japanese tour, in the year 2018, BTS was quite successful in releasing their third EP titled the “Most Beautiful Moment in Life.”  Part 1 was released on April 29th, 2018.

They came up with a fabulous track “I Need You” that even won the SBS MTV’s Best Show Award. BTS then went for touring in the parts of Asia, Latin America and some parts of US and even Australia. It was there from where they gave there live performance in the series of 2018 Live Trilogy Episode: The Red Bullets till the arrival of the following year.  Forbes magazine has ranked the famous Korean band BTS in the position of rank #5 in the segment of Korea Power Celebrity list.

Personal life

They also collaborated with the other trusted brands that took parts in the international performances.  They took an active part in the worldwide festival, Bride to Korea held in Russia. The sole objectives of the festival were the only promotion of tourism between the two beautiful countries.  The band realized after going to the international events and festivals that are not only known in Korea but many other parts of the world.

The band had international audiences spread all over the countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and many other parts. The BTS bands became so very popular that in their WINGS tour,  the ticket got sold out within 4 minutes in the United States and the band had to arrange a second show for performing at Newark, New Jersey only because of their fame and popularity.  The fabulous band’s performance is in high demand.

Quick summary:

Full Name: BTS group

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Net worth: $46 Million