Alessia Cara, a popular songwriter and singer, is from Canada having an Italian descent, rhythm along with blue pop and great jazz undertones being her specialty.

Early Life

Alessia Caracciolo is popularly known as Alessia Cara. She was born in the city of Brampton in the Ontario city of Canada on 11th July 1996. During her childhood days, she used to write poetry as well as was a major participant in theatre performances. She started playing guitar when she was 10 years old. She learned to play various songs on the guitar all by herself without any mentor. Three years later he created her own YouTube channel and started posting all the cover songs that she played on her guitar.

After getting graduated from her high school, Alessia did not attend college straight away. She was very dedicated and passionate about her music and therefore, continued with her music, thereby uploading videos of the performed song covers on YouTube on a regular basis. In addition to this, she made a number of appearances on different radio stations, her participation in 15 seconds of Fame on the channel Mix 104.1 in Boston is one of them. In due course, she cracked a well-known labeled recording contract with none other than Def Jam Recordings when she was only 18 years old.


She started her journey to fame from YouTube and gradually got into the famous music industry. During her initial days, she used to post a great number of acoustic cover songs which fetched her excellent fan following base which further helped her to follow the steps of success to a great extent. She got her break by signing with EP entertainment as well as Def Jam Recordings.

Her debut album named ‘Know it all’ achieved a huge success which led to the increase in her fan following from Canada as well as the USA. She is said to possess a down to earth individuality which makes her connect to everyone, thereby reaching out to her most of the fans. She is, therefore, a very likable personality, being ahead of this generation, especially because of her level of maturity which is greatly reflected in her song lyrics.

Alessia was just like any other ordinary little girl who played with her toys and used to get into little fights with her other siblings at home. Unlike other normal girls, she used to have an eternal passion for music. She stepped into this big world of music for the first time as a teen was by posting acoustic cover songs on her YouTube channel which gained her popularity at such young age beyond one can ever think of. Slowly after this, her official solo debut song named ‘Here.’ This was done through Def Jam Recordings with whom she got her contract signed after EP entertainment noticed her in her music posts on YouTube. The theme of her first song ‘Here’ was about all her personal experience of being forlorn and isolated in any party. This uncommon theme and the super talented girl soon got noticed by top most music professionals of the industry.

Her song very soon got counted in the Top Five songs in America along with Top Twenty songs in Canada. The song went viral because of its unique theme and was counted as one of the top most viral videos of US. Eventually, Cara’s style of singing got compared with Amy Winehouse which took her to the next level of success. Her debut song then got labeled by MTV as the sensational song for everyone out there who does not enjoy going to parties and social gatherings. After this, her cover of ‘Bad Blood’ sung by Taylor Swift originally got released which proved to be one of the greatest hits of her career when compared to her other cover songs.

Following this, her next official album named ‘Know it all’ got released in 2015. This album was counted as a great commercial hit which got awarded with the Album Gold accreditation by the Recording Industry Association of America. Then her music video ‘Wild Things’ got released and further got nominated by the MTV Video Music Awards as the best Pop Video. Few of her popular songs are ‘River of tears,’ ‘Seventeen,’ ‘I am yours,’ ‘Scars to your beautiful,’ ‘Four pink walls,’ ‘Stars,’ ‘Stone’ and much more.

Personal Life

Alessia Caracciolo took her birth in Brampton, Toronto, in Canada. During the initial years of her career, she decided to get her last name shortened and therefore, she had cut down ‘Caracciolo’ to ‘Cara.’ The reason behind this was mainly for her fans and everyone out there to pronounce her full name with much ease. His father was also born his Canada though he is of Italian descent. Cara’s mother is also an immigrant from Italy.

This young and talented singer has three other siblings, and all of them were raised in a quite firm conservative manner. She did her schooling from a high school named Cardinal Ambrozic Catholic Secondary School but did not opt for college immediately after completing her graduation. Cara from her young age was creatively inclined to writing poetry as well as participated as an actor in a great number of theatre shows. Her knowledge about the guitar was self-taught and needed no guide for any kind of music and guitar training.

Her step on YouTube was made at a very young age which gained her immense popularity and gathered her much attention from various music addicts and professionals which further paved her way to signing an amazing contract with the famous EP Entertainment.

Cara from the very beginning is considered to be introvert and therefore, keeps herself away from any kind of parties or any other social gatherings.

She also doesn’t like being active on social media sites, unlike other famous celebrities. There is no such proof relating to her personal love life. Reportedly, she is a great daughter, following her parents’ advice on any crucial matter which further keeps her grounded as well as humble, regardless of her becoming such a famous star at such an early age. In addition to her singing talent, Cara is extremely skillful in mimicking people.

She has been a strong and powerful supporter of women for the anti-make up movement in Hollywood.

Quick Summary

Full name: Alessia Caracciolo

Date of birth:  JULY 11, 1996

Birth place: Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Age: 21 years

Profession: Singer; Songwriter

Height: 5 ft 2 in (1.57m)

Weight:  50 kg (110 Pounds)

Net worth: $4 million