Silento is a hip-hop artist who rose to fame with his single “Watch me (Whip/Nae Nae)” which reached the Billboard list instantly.

Early Life

Silento is the alias of Ricky Lamar Hawk who was born on 22nd January 1998 in Atlanta, Georgia. He was fond of music from his childhood and through the years artists like Maria Carey, Future, and Usher has influenced him in following in their footsteps.

Upon reaching high school, he had an enhanced enthusiasm in music and thought of making it his career. He started off with the idea of playing basketball, but soon he gave it up for pursuing music. He soon made groups and started writing lyrics for the songs he wanted to make. His music got quite famous in his school and also in his neighborhood.


The single “Watch me” set his career as it quickly got popular and upon releasing on YouTube it garnered 2.5 million views in the first 2 weeks. The beat was loved by everyone, and soon people started to make covers of it. In 2017, it has crossed more than 79 million views which are quite a lot. With the sky rocketing stands on different charts, Capitol Records soon signed him up.

The “Watch Me” track was soon re-released by them accompanied by a music video, and it made the track secure the 3rd position in Billboard Hot 100 and made Silento famous overnight, and the track remained on the top 10 of the chart for a total of 18 weeks. “Watch me” was quite a hit and people all over the world enjoyed dancing to the song. The song managed to secure places in charts like Billboard Hot R&B, US Latin Airplay, Latin Pop Song, etc.

The second single by Silento was titled “Get Em” which was released in 2016, though his fans liked it, it failed to get the popularity that “Watch me” secured. But he is trying to strengthen his career by collaborating with other musicians who are important in the industry. He featured on a track called “Lighting in a Bottle” with Sunny and also with Dawn in “Dessert.” He has also appeared in Sophia Grace’s “Girl in the Mirror” and “Like it like it” by Marcus & Martinus. In 2017, he has also released singles like “Yong Love” and “All about you.” He has also won the Soul Train Music Awards’ Best Dance Performance 2015 for “Watch me.”

His career has been quite successful as he has performed quite a bit on stages after releasing his first single.  The performances have secured him quite a bit of money. He has done tours all over the world in cities of USA and also in places like Zurich in Switzerland.

In 2017, he has already performed in places like Florida and Georgia. From both his personal YouTube account and VEVO account he has made much money. He also has some hearty Instagram followers to which he often endorses products of other brands. The Young performer has secured quite a bit of bank balance in these 2 years.

Personal Life

Silento is still quite young, and the media has failed to notice any girlfriends. So, it can be assumed that he is still single. Silento didn’t go to college as he wanted to focus on his musical career.

He is mostly recording, or on tour, so he still lives with his parents in Atlanta. There hasn’t been any controversy on Silento, so he has a spick and span image till now. Silento has also been known to be a vegetarian.

Quick Summary

Full name: Ricky Lamar Hawk

Date of birth: 22nd January 1998

Birth place: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Age: 19 years

Profession: Hip-Hop artist

Height: 5 ft. 6 inches

Weight: 58 Kgs

Net worth: $1 million