Attractive blonde actress Michelle Pfeiffer still takes breath away with her stunning appearance and style. Michelle is known for her roles in famous movies, such as “Scarface”, “Batman Returns” and more notable titles.

Even before reaching Hollywood stardom, this blonde femme fatale was admired for her fantastic looks. Combining her appearance with her amazing performing skills, Pfeiffer easily won the hearts of critics and audiences worldwide.

She has many awards for her big screen achievements and a Hollywood Walk of fame star.

Michelle spent most of her childhood days in Midway City in Orange County. She was born in Santa Ana, April 29th 1958. She grew into an attractive and beautiful young lady and won several beauty competitions while still in her teens.

At first, Pfeiffer didn’t pursue the acting career; she wanted to be a court reporter.

The world of Hollywood fame, however, gradually became more and more interesting to young Michelle. She was lovable and very charismatic girl, making her first steps on television screen.

After several TV roles, this blue-eyed beauty got her first movie roles. After several film appearances, she made a major breakthrough in the cult crime drama “Scarface”, starring opposite Hollywood legend, Al Pacino. Beautiful Michelle proved she’s a lot more than pretty girl; her extraordinary performing skills earned her great appreciation of the vast Hollywood movie empire.

Proved an excellent actress, Pfeiffer started to get more successful and versatile roles. During 80s, she made amazing performances in “Lady Hawke”, “The Witches of Eastwick”, “Liaisons”. She received the first Academy Award nomination for the latter.

By the end of 80s, Michelle established herself as one of the leading Hollywood ladies. She had a series of amazing and contrasting characters in movies such as “Married to the mob”, “The Fabulous Baker Boys”, “Frankie and Johnny” and “Batman Returns”.

Taking a break from acting for dedicating more time to her family, Michelle stayed away from big screen during 90s. The blonde beauty has, however, returned by the beginning of the New Millennium. One of her most impressive roles during 2000s was a comedic role in “Hairspray”.

She made success starring in “Stardust” and “Personal Effects”, “Dark Shadows” and “People like Us”. Other much-appreciated popular actors, such as John Travolta, Robert De Niro, Johnny Depp, Ashton Kutcher and other handsome Hollywood boys, always accompanied Pfeiffer on big screen.

Beautiful blonde-haired star was married to David E. Kelly, a well-known television producer. She has an adopted daughter and a son. Pfeiffer is a wealthy and successful Hollywood lady, with an estimated net worth of astonishing $80 millions.

Many of her movies were tremendous box office hits, earning the incredible sums. Michelle Pfeiffer is dedicated to causes of humanity and animal care.

She is a passionate supporter of “Humane Society” foundation, an organization with the aim of stopping violence against both humans and animals. The famed blonde star is a vegan.

She also supports several organizations concerning the cause of cancer prevention and fighting.

She is stylish, glamorous and caring Hollywood lady of an everlasting beauty.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Michelle Marie Pfeiffer

Date of Birth: April 29th 1958

Birth Place: Santa Ana, California, United States

Age: 61

Profession: Actress

Height: 5ft 7in (1.71 m)

Weight: 54kg

Net Worth: $80 million