Alison Sweeney is a popular American actress who is a core member of the American Dram Association. She is not an only dramatic actress but is successful enough is hosting reality shows. She is a director as well and is attributed to the capabilities of an author. Sweeney is known to people for her brilliant performance in NBC Soap Opera Days of Our Lives. She has brilliantly portrayed herself as Samantha “Sami” Brady.

She was nominated for the Daytime Emmy Awards and even earned four Soap Opera Digest. She received the highest vote polling from her fans and followers and ultimately won the Fan Voted Daytime Emmy Awards. In the year 2007, Alison started off successfully with her hosting career by hosting the Television series The Biggest Loser but soon moved out of the series in the middle of the session in the year 2015. She is successful enough to make a net worth of $9 million.

Early life

Alison Sweeney is of an Irish descent and is brought up along with two elder brothers in the marvelous city of Los Angeles, California. Though she had finally ended up in the acting profession, Alison got graduated from UCLA in the subject Economics. She could not continue with her academic career as she soon committed to appear in the daily soap opera named Day of Our Lives. But her educational background has provided a soothing foundation for her professional career.

Alison from her childhood days is into assisting her multitasking abilities. While her learning to be perfect with her voice, she consistently put an effort to in her piano and violin lessons. She was not only into culturally developing herself but also got involved in featuring herself as a brilliant sports personality. She moved on to improve upon her gymnastic base, the tap dancing, and concentrating on her trampoline lessons. She is quite a proficient learner and is into mastering her abilities from her initial days of growing up.

She had some complication regarding her health, and as suggested by the doctor she eliminated the consumption of sugar from her diet as she was diagnosed with issues of tooth decay. She could not enjoy sweets for her tooth complication, and this gave way to a reduction in her weight. She even avoids fast-food for maintaining her health and is very conscious of her diet plan.  She had a crush on the famous personality Tom Cruise.

She was suggested by her pre-kindergarten teacher to opt for an acting career. She is also a movie buffer and from records it is has been gathered that her favorite movie is Princess Bride. During her childhood days, she was a vigorous reader and loved to play basketball in her leisure time. She even takes an interest in cooking and loves to prepare dishes of different cultural background. She is also a brilliant cake baker and mentions the name of Maratha Stewart as her sole inspiration for making her passion for making cakes.


Alison Sweeney has come up with her first debut at the age of five that was an offer from Kodak advertisement. After few years she was called for appearing in a television series named “I Can’t Help Saying Goodbye.” The episodes in which she appeared consisted of some horror elements that were actually drawn from the series of Tales From the Darkside. She was assigned the role of a young girl who could presume the arrival of death to the people around her.

In the year 1988, she also appeared in another short-lived television series named ABC sitcom Family Man. Her next attempt was to get cast as Cristy McCray in the episodes of Brand New Life ; the episodes resembled a mini version of the future X-Files. The television series starred Barbara Eden as Sweeny’s mother and her stepfather on screen was Don Murray.

Sweeney has suffered much regarding her body weight complications. She remained disturbed because of her weight and disclosed about her personal anguish in the memoir of 2004, All The Days of My Life.

She also appeared in the reality show Fear Factor during the ongoing celebrity episodes and was cast as an actress in Days Of Our Life and another series named Las Vegas. It is reported that Sweeney would be probably joining as a director in General Hospital, but the matter needs to be kept behind the scene. Sweeney has also appeared in several Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, including the series of films Murder, She baked, that is actually based on the books written by Joanne Fluke.

Personal life

Sweeney is of an Irish descent and has been brought along with two brothers. She is happily married to David Sanov almost after 3 years of courtship. The couples are proud parents of two beautiful children, a son, and a daughter. The children have an upbringing where they are being supported by both the parents sharing a humble relation. The couple along with their kids lives in Los Angeles and is quite happy to be together.

Sweeney often decides for sudden weekend fleeing with the family as her husband is a successful pilot and they possess a private plane to bring them amusement on their demand. As Sweeney is into cooking, she is quite interested in making homemade cookies that are liked by her family. She even became famous in the television series Days studio for making delicious chocolate cookies. She is very conscious about her health and has eliminated the consumption of junk food from her diet after her physician’s suggestion.

She is quite flamboyant upon flaunting her body in bikini covering the pages of the famous People magazine. She is quite happy and satisfied with her figure and proudly declares that her she has cut short all the fat contents from her regular diet to get the apt figure for good portfolio shots. Her personal life is completely different from her professional life, and it never hampers her career anyhow.

She is eager to bring up her children with a good ambiance at home and provide them all the necessities that they require for growing up. She brilliantly manages her family life and likes to spend time with her husband and two children. Along with performing in the American drama series and getting nominated for the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series, she manages to play the lead role in her family drama as well and is very conscious about placing the right person in the right role.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Alison Sweeney

Date of Birth:  19th September 1976

Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, United States of America

Age: 41 years

Profession: Actress

Height: 5 Feet 5 Inch / 1.65 m

Weight: NA

Net worth: $9 million dollars