Charles Cuomo is a prominent figure in the world of journalism in the American television. He is presently working on the desks of CNN. Before the assignment of CNN, he was engaged in ABC News. He was responsible as a correspondent of law and justice in the ABC.

He had also appeared as the co-anchor in the 20/20 of the channel. He has not only served on the desk as a journalist but also wears the collars of attorney.

His contribution as a journalist has been recognized by the Granny Award. His name would always be remembered as one of most outstanding journalist of all times. It is quite evident that Charles Cuomo had definitely earned quite handsomely from two professions.

He is very much active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and has quite a number of followers. His success as journalist and attorney has earned him profusely. His net worth has earned him not less than $6 million dollars.

Early life

Chris Cuomo is actually born as Christopher Charles Cuomo to Mario Cuomo and Matilda Cuomo. Charles Cuomo was born on 9th August 1970 in Queens, New York, United States of America. He was born to the family of five siblings, and among them, Charles was the youngest child. When Charles was a boy of twelve his father was elected as the governor of Queens. The family moved to Albany in the governor’s mansion. It can be mentioned here that his brother Andrew Cuomo is presently the New York governor. Charles belongs to the American-Italian ethnicity and proudly holds the American nationality.

Chris Cuomo was eager to attend The Albany Academy. He got graduated from Yale University and received his Jurish Doctorate from the University of Fordham. Chris possesses a pleasing personality and has a commendable background in journalism. Chris belongs to a family that possesses a prestigious background of governing the state. Chris is a person with a humble personality and takes advantage of his position as an attorney.

He is well known as the most wanted bachelor during the mid of 90’s. During his initial years in the field of Journalism, he associated himself with the contemporary political issues and served the channels CNBC, CNN, and MS NBC.

He also served as a political analyst and became a proficient correspondent. Chris was a professional involved in cultivating the analytical aspects of policy making for the well-known channel Fox News. While serving the channel as a news correspondent Chris even efficiently captured a follow-up shoot capturing the Haiti earthquake after effects, dealt with the issue of Child custody and fought bravely regarding the problems faced by the homeless teen. His brilliant performances got reflected when he was serving as an anchor on Good Morning America.


Chris Cuomo is a professional journalist who has served several news channels as a policy analyst and a news correspondent. He has not only gathered follow up on earthquakes but also has covered various issue related to terrorism that has put upon great impact on several countries namely Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan. He had reached the pinnacle of success by devoting himself to the real world of professional journalism and learning all the possible ways to be called a successful journalist.

He soon understood that their no word that substitutes hard work and dedication. He moved on with his career to serve the channel CNN and started co-hosting the morning show. He soon became a prominent field anchor and successfully featured the February 2013 occasion of nor’easter. He was quite glad to work being a co-anchor serving the popular show CNN’S Morning Show New Day.

He never stopped scheduling and structuring major reports and intriguing events. Chris is so responsible towards his work that perhaps there is no such news that is steaming breaking news that has not been  notified by him in his reports and follow-ups.

Chris is brilliant with his performances and has been consecutively nominated for several awards. Chris was successful enough to grab the Emmy Awards that is a common achievement for the news personalities. Chris being a promising television personality is a professional attorney.

His estimated net worth proves his financial strength. He is the most highly paid CNN anchor who has been enlisted among the top most beautiful people in the year 1997. But along with his successful career, Chris is burdened with a controversy as he met with a severe accident while being under the influence of alcohol.

Though it’s considered a rumor, some consider it to a true fact. As Chris is followed by almost 52 thousand followers and about 1 thousand subscribers, he has to maintain and update his Instagram account on a regular basis to make the viewers remain updated with his portfolio and professional activities.  Chris was successful enough to receive honorable award Polk and Peabody and was nominated as the most successful youngest correspondent in the team coverage networking.

Chris was abundantly heaped with fortunes when he started off with business reporting and soon got nominated for the American Bar Association Silver Gavel Awards. He was enlisted in juvenile justice category. His performance reports declared that he had a promising investigative coverage background.

Personal life

Chris Cuomo manages his professional and married life quite successfully. His professional life never hampers the peace that needs to be maintained by a married man. He got married to Cristiana Greeven who is a successful editor of Gotham magazine. The couple got married at Roman Catholic Church that is situated in the city of New York. The ceremony took place in Southampton.

They are proud parents of three children, a son named Mario, and two beautiful daughters Carolina and Bella. Presently he is leading a happily married life along with his children and wife Christina in Manhattan.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Christopher Charles Cuomo

Date of Birth: 9 August 1970

Birth Place: New York City, United States of America

Age: 47 years

Profession: News professional.

Height: 6 Feet 2 Inch

Weight: 93 Kg

Net worth: $ 7 million.