Time has not come yet to declare the real fame of a beautiful girl Annie. Despite being so young she has emerged as a prominent young YouTube star. Her videos have amazed many viewers all over the world.

Particularly, her own gymnastics had impressed countless onlookers on the web pages. Apart from her practice sessions for the gymnastics she take out time to record the videos to upload on to her channel Acroanna. The channel is undoubted has come up as a amazing engagement for many viewers. Because of her intensive practice she had withdrawn from some channels.

Otherwise her pecuniary strength would have reflected more promise as a earner in this very young age when the teenage has not got its full grip. She might emerge one day as a dominant acrobat in the gymnastic world with her mesmerizing skills. Already she had accumulated enough worth with her posting on the YouTube which is estimated to be not less than $500 thousand dollars.

Early life

The young promise of the gymnastic, Annie LeBlanc was born as Julianna Grace Leblanc on 5th December, 2004 in Georgia, Augusta, United States of America. The young cute girl got her parents as Katie being the mother and her father is Billy LeBlanc.

Her father is serving the US Navy. She has the American nationality and her ethnicity is white. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. She was born to the family of two more children who are her brother and sister.

Her brother is Caleb and her sister who is younger to Annie is Hayley who is also into gymnastics. All the three siblings had their great times in the internet. Unfortunately the family faced a traumatic phase in 2015 with the rare disease in the heart of his brother Caleb. Who finally succumb to death and took away the delight of the family. It was tough time for Annie to cope up with the situation which is quite normal for any well knitted family. In remembrance she started posting about her brother on the available sites on the social network.

From the very tender age she had shown a great promise to be a prominent gymnast of her age. The parents have naturally arranged for her betterment in the acrobatics which have taken good time for the practice under the guidance of recognized trainer. For this reason, from 2014, to dedicate more for the gymnastic Annie is currently doing her studies from home. As it is quite obvious that the career of any gymnast begins at the very early age when their bones are not grown tougher.

In the same line Annie had also picked up gymnastic classes when she was just a kid of mere three years. Though she is going through her home schooling for elementary education but in the future she wants to get into the National Collegiate Athletic Association College for her higher education.


After a long tenure of practices under different trainer she is currently at the USAG Coral at Level 9.  She had appeared in the various competitions and proved her efficiency with higher ranks.

During 2009 to 2011 she got into Champion gymnasts. Then for two year from 2013 to the next year she was in the Win Win gymnasts and had also been prone up at the Dockshire gymnasts from 2011 till 2013. With the dedicated effort and the watchful eyes of her trainer she reached level 8 when she was just 10 which is definitely remarkable for any promising talent in the field of gymnastics.

She got into fame with her appearances in the family videos which the people have viewed on the social networking sites. Her family came up with vlog titled Bratayley on the YouTube in 2010. In this vlog the family used to post their memorable videos, which was well appreciated by the followers. The family vlog had gathered not less than 4 million followers which is quite high for any standard.

In 2015 she started to create her own videos which she posted on the social sites. Quite amazingly her channel over the time has gathered more than a million viewers. She was highly appreciated for her friendly attitude with sincerity. She does not appear on her videos which is very rare in this age of ‘beat your own drums’. Her tender age is no match for her own sence of humor or artistic sense. Her musical.ly profile has over 7 million followers.

On her own YouTube channel she tries to educate her followers with regular posting of various performances, exercises and tutorials. Recently her channel Acroanna had been renamed under her own name. She collaborated with Gymschool and SevenAwsomeKids but did not continue for gymnastic training.

Personal life

Presently Annie is appreciated by 1.5 million viewers on the YouTube. Along with this Instagram profile is viewed by 2.3 million followers. It is heard that she had signed up with Disney.

Her family has some pets which indicate that along with her family Annie also had great likings for these pets. She has a friend named Katie Donnelly who is also an YouTube star.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Julianna Grace Leblanc

Date of Birth: 5th December, 2004

Birth Place: Georgia, Augusta, United States of America

Age: 13 Years Old

Profession: You Tube Personality, Promising Gymnast

Height: 4 Feet 11 Inches / 150 cm

Weight: 96 lbs

Net worth: $500 thousand dollars