If one is aware of the Snakebite and knows what is dart then Peter Wright is obviously a very familiar name. The most colorful player in dart has a very long illustrative engagement in this genre of game.

Presently he is the most dominant player in dart who is very frequent in sky fighting. In the Betway Premier League, Peter Wright holds the leading position among all the champions. He has been into this game for almost two decades and with the name Peter has earned money through this game.

As a prominent personality of the ODC championship of the Darts and inseparable part of PDC Peter has earned quite handsomely. Quite conveniently the famous dart player has accumulated not less than $1.5 million dollars as his estimated net worth.

Early life

The 47 year dart player, Peter Wright was born on 10th March, 1970 in Livingstone, West Lothian, and Scotland.

He was born to the Scottish parents and remained at his birth place till he was three. There is hardly any information available about his early childhood and educational background.


Peter is playing dart since 1995. In the passage of time he had won many competitions and established himself as one of the most entertaining dart player. He just not play the game rather tries every bit to entertain his fans by colorful dresses and hair style. In 2014 at the PDC World Darts Championship he was the runner-up. In 2017 Peter won the UK Open. He has a very close link with the country where he was born that is Scotland. Instead of living in Mendham, Suffolk, England and he had grown in England but till date he prefers to represent Scotland in any competition.

He is not known just for his playing ability bur perhaps one of the best entertainer. Peter is very particular about his mohawk hairstyle which gets brightened by different color shades at different times. Not to say about his clothing, in a tournament each round witnesses different clothing style. Usually his one side of the head is painted with a snake to represent his snakebite, his favorite drink.

Along with the hairstyle and clothing Peter also changes the dart frequently. Earlier depending on the light he used to change the color of the dart. He uses different set of darts with variation in weight and stems in each game as required for the flights. This is witnessed at the 2014World Championship Final.

To entertain further covering the whole arena of the game he gives a sidestep dance before the match starts. On the third dart he pauses and moves away to cheer the spectators to make further noise. In one of the Premiere League in the endeavor of entertaining the crowd he lowered his height by bending the knees.

Later this was not appreciated by Michael Van Gerwen and Adrian Lewis but Peter reflected that all his efforts are just to entertain his fans. He has been appearing in all prestigious tournaments, to name few The Masters, BDO World Championship, European Championship, Grand Slam Dart, Las Vegas Desert Classic, PDC World Championship, Championship League and many more. Presently he is ranked third in the world as a dart player.

Personal life

Peter is married to Joanne who is very important in his personal life but also in the field of his game. Joanne is the hairdresser and Peter come up with different colors in every match only because of his wife’s effort.

In two hours time his wife Joanne gives his husband a particular hairstyle with their daughter around.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Peter Wright

Date of Birth: 10th March, 1970

Birth Place: Livingstone, West Lothian, Scotland

Age: 48 Years Old

Profession: Darts Player

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net worth: $1.5 Million