Kenny Smith is a well known retired Basket ball player and a talented Television analyst. He is an amazingly talented pro player who had decided to move with the profession of media analyst only after retirement.

He is really a sensational figure in the television industry presently. He is frequent with the news starring episodes and makes appearances in the TBS series “Meet the Smiths” that is completed based on the storyline of the pro-basketball player. Kenny Smith’s net worth is estimated somewhere around $ 15 million.

The net worth evaluators are quite confused with his declaration as the income amounts differently with each evaluation as some net worth sites have evaluated it to be around $12 and $ 10 million as well.

Early life

Kenny Smith, the much talented basketball player was born in the city of New York in the year 1965, 8th of March. Basically he hails from Jamaica and was brought up in the LeFrak city. He received his early education from the reputed institute Archbishop Molloy High School where he was noticed by the humble coach Jack Curran. Smith was coached by Jack all his high school days. Smith was brought up in a family that possesses an Afro-American ethnicity. In his initial days of career he participated in the championship, where he grabbed the trophy of the Consensus First Team All American in the year 1987.

While he was spending his days in the university he participated in the Consensus All-American and First Team All ACC. In the later days he started playing for the famous association New York Riverside Church and was heaped with lovable opportunities to prosper with his basketball career.


Kenny Smith is really an asset to the land of America. He was associated with the American association of NBA. He played in the group for tenure of 10 years from the year 1997 to 1987. He served a television analyst for the CBS/Turner and also participated in the Men’s Division Basketball Tournament I.  After playing few local matches and championships like the Riverside Churches matches, he moved on to participate in the McDonald’s All American in 1983. He went for playing the matches representing the North Caroline University for Dean Smith. During the course of the game it was noticed that Smith went on praising the fabulous player Bobby Lewis while he was proceeding with his game with the abilities of an excellent ball handler and a breathtaking shooter.

Lewis was a kind of technique brochure for Smith. Lewis was already with a fantastic count of 30.9 points and belonged to the First Team Division II that too working as a senior in the All-American.

Later on the program was named after Lewis and was titled as Bobby Lewis Basketball Skills Development Program. On analyzing the techniques and the skills of Smith, it was finely revealed that Lewis was his godfather and he blindly followed his footsteps to succeed with his basketball career. He even followed and noted down many of his lectures when he was a regular high school student. He even sustained a lot to keenly follow and apply Lewis’s drill styles and techniques and implement them during his basketball practice sessions. He was very serious with his styles and signature efforts that would obviously enhance his abilities and him get followed in the individual basketball sites and the campgrounds.

When Smith was mere freshman, he decided to join the team that was headed by the famous personality Michael Jordan. The team was named North Carolina. He moved on to play in the Pre-season and won the session being placed in the 1st position. He was really dedicated to whatever he did and was sincere in his effort. Smith was soon chosen for his sincere disposition and was entitled with the title Consensus All America for being the member of the 1st Team.

He played being a senior player in the year 1987, scoring averagely around 16.9 points. Later it was reviewed that throughout his basketball career at the famous North Caroline, he made enough points around 12.9 and each was assisted by 6.0. his games had a free throw steak shooting count of about .823 and the count from the fields were reviewed as .512.

It was during the year 1986-87, the time was favorable enough and the leading seasons allowed NCAA to enable the field goals to almost three points. It was till the end of the year 2016; this well known basketball player was enlisted with the favorable counts of total 768 assists. He was ranked in the second best position.

Personal life

Kenny Smith has an intriguing and exciting personal life. He is married twice. Previously, he was married to Dawn Reavis. The relationship never matured and the couple had a separation. Soon they got divorced. They here is a lot of confusion regarding the couple’s two children. Out of Kenny’s five children, it is believed that two are from his first marriage with Dawn.

It may be that Kenny was not successful with his first marriage but he was smart enough to move into another relationship. Gwendolyn Osborn was the next woman in Kenny’s life and soon they got married to get happily settled with each other. Osborne is a talented actress and a prominent recording artist. She is even associated with the well known American group Price is Right, she works there as a model.

The couple met each other for the first time in a charity show in the year 2004. They fell in love and decided to date each other and in the year 2006, the duo decided to get married. Soon enough Kenny was loaded with happiness as he became father to two lovely daughters, London and Kayla and a son named Malloy. But still there is a hue of confusion that prevails widely. His followers know well that Kenny is actually a father of five children and not three.

Publicly, Smith and his model wife Osborne poses for photos only with three children as the other two named Kayla, and Brianna Smith are from his previous marriage with Dawn. There is a news up in the air that the daughters from his previous marriage, shares a quite a humble relation with his second wife. The Smith children are happy to get such supportive parents.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Kenny Smith.

Date of Birth: 8th March, 1965

Birth Place: Jamaica, LeFrak city, New York, United States of America.

Age: 53 Years Old

Profession: Basketball player and Television Personality.

Height: 6 Feet 3 Inches

Weight:  77 Kg

Net worth: $ 15 million