Anwar Jibawi is quite a popular internet personality who is famous for his comic videos. He has gained much popularity among the YouTube subscribers by acquiring a considerable foothold in the media platform of YouTube. He began his career with sketch comedies from the year 2013. Anwar has a humongous sense of humor and has millions of fans waiting to have a glimpse of his updates.

He is addictive towards making his Instagram updates, and it has a considerable amount of followers in the social media application. Anwar’s net worth is estimated somewhere around $400 thousand dollars.

Early life

Anwar Jiwa was born in the year 1991, 9th August. He was brought up in Chicago, Illinois. Actually, the eminent YouTuber’s parents migrated from the land of Pakistan. He was brought up in a well to do Muslim family. He was brought up along with other five brilliantly talented brothers who are also found to be actively associated with the social networking platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

They are also involved in maintaining huge fans and followers. Not much is known about this YouTube personality and successful vine star early life. There is hardly any information about his academic career.

It is presumable that he has attained the graduation degree and perhaps some diploma course from a reputed institute in Chicago, Illinois. It is notably achieved from his career graph that in the age of 22 this YouTube star started off with his vine videos and perhaps that not much time left to devote to enhance his academic base. His decision to join and develop Vine, a latest video sharing application made Anwar a popular figure with few of his initial channel updates.

He was quite focused on his career, and this made him get away from the hackneyed daily routine life that a 22 years updated boy needs to have. He was out there to experience the strategies of social media updates and get to know more about the Vine videos.


Anwar started off with his career at the age of 22 years. He became aware of the fact that making vine videos of 6 second that make him a successful YouTuber.   He came up with his first YouTube video titled “When Sounds Interrupt Your Dreams.” He soon became popular wit5h his Six-second Vine video clips that achieved a thousand of views within few days of it being uploaded.

Anwar’s videos are attributed to some exclusive humorous features that surely makes on laugh and giggle on being viewed. His clipping is uniquely designed for the humorous feature of facial contortion, and the scarcely attracts the community who are regular watchers of YouTube videos. Soon enough Anwar’s Vines became viral and got shared on the social media sites like Facebook as well within a short span of time.

Anwar’s first video was a real success, and the followers started flocking in even more quickly on the Vine. To further enhance his stardom on the Vine he started collaborating with the established figures. For instance, King Bach and Jerry Purpdrank accepted his connection in posting their updates. Anwar was not interested in uploading a lot many clips when he is compared with the rest Vine stars rather he has faith in his quality. Over the time his popularity has grown gradually till he was accepted as an accomplished vine star.

Although there are various clips that Anwar has uploaded on his profile “Sagging at its Finest” and “#DropThatNaeNae” has been out of the world. When the app was terminated in the early part of 2017, Anwar was one among the highest 100 individuals with an overwhelming number of followers which is over 3.5 million.

Anwar shifted his attention to the YouTube in 2016 to demonstrate his efficacy. He created the channel the month of July and soon captured a subscription count of 1.3 million and got view counts over 160 million. Most of his videos uploads were based on the theme of comedy sketches. Among his latest videos, the most popular one is Killer Clown.

In this video slot, he outfitted up as a clown and acknowledged over 31.1 million views within some days. Anwar’s other popular videos are Worst Liar, Most Wanted Killer, The Broke Life, and Having a Tall Girlfriend, Crazy Drug Lord. All total he had a count of 29 million numbers, all them were uniquely styled and had been appreciated by his followers.

He had been successful with his YouTube videos since the year 2017. His most successful vine videos were viewed via his Instagram account, and as social media’s prominent influencer he has also received several sponsorships for endorsement.

Personal life

Anwar Jibawi is presently single and not yet married to his girlfriend, Hannah Stocking. The couple has shot together numerous of their humorous videos that have been viewed by a large number of viewers. The duo is spotted in public places. They share a healthy relationship that would soon proceed towards marriage.

The video that became much popular for her girlfriend Hanna’s special appearance was titled “Having a Tall Girlfriend” had got a view of over 6.8 million in the popular platform YouTube.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Anwar Jibawi

Date of Birth: 9th August 1991

Birth Place: California, United States of America

Age: 26 Years Old

Profession: Internet Blogger

Height: 5 Feet 9 inches / 1.75 m

Weight: 75 kg

Net worth: $400 thousand dollars