This is the generation of social media, and one’s success is definitely reflected on these various sites in the web world. Codee Yount is one such popular personality on YouTube who had innumerable subscribers liking him on his channel.

He has gain popularity as YouTube star because of his comical personality, and some extraordinary video takes in public. All this effort has enabled him quite reasonably with a promise to earn even more in his future days. At this early age, Codee has already gathered a net worth of around $150 thousand dollars.

Early life

Codee was born in the year 1993, February 15th February. Codee hails from the city of New York. He was born in Syracuse. Not much is known about his early life, and Codee likes to keep information about his upbringing away from the public and focuses only on his career. He perhaps has got his graduation degree from a reputed institute in the city of New York. Codee by nationality is American.

He was assisted by the famous YouTuber Lance Stewart. He helped the young YouTuber Codee in knowing the strategies of running the YouTube videos successfully. The eminent YouTuber Lance Stewart had made Codee know all about the theories and requirements that are essential for upgrading the count of followers and viewers in a considerably short span of time.

This young YouTuber is a brilliant star who is popular for his comical personae and his association with the theme of absurdity in his video challenges. Public highly appreciates his video uploads, and this makes his net worth reach such a boom.

Basically, his videos are based on the theme of pranks and funny compilations, and he never limits his capabilities and goes for diversification. Codee from his early childhood days is into running a YouTube account successfully, and presently he is a successful YouTube star who is a real social network influencer and is active with his updates regularly.


Codee finally chooses his career as a YouTuber just after completing his teenage days. He was into making people feel happy and make them laugh by entertaining them with all the best possible entertaining ways. He keeps on finding innovative ways that can make people laugh. He is quite concerned about developing his blog and gets it known to people. Although Codee started just casually as an individual would like to have a profile or blog.

But gradually on getting an admiring support from his followers, he got more serious in making some unusual, funny videos. He kept uploading these hilarious videos regularly on his channel. All his practical jokes were highly approved by favorable likings from numerous followers. In no time Codee rose to a very high popularity, and he is a new promising icon for the world.

Within a few time, he gained a good reputation as a comic individual. In one of his introductory video upload, he proved his efficacy. The random public kissing, which was released in May 2016 had rather compelled uncountable followers to welcome the new star with their flying kisses on his profile. In no time the videos gathered a whopping number of followers to be in the range of 290,000.

While going up the ladder, Codee had never forgotten to salute his friend Lance Stewart for gaining a high popularity. He is highly obliged to his friend as while running his blog successfully Steward has always recommended his own followers to have a look on the doings of Codee. Along with his channel, Codee does also have huge public liking all over the globe in his profile of another social internet site like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others. His most video is “He Destroyed My Car” and another clipping titled “Waxing Gone Wrong.”

Personal life

A long relationship is going on between Codee and a beauty named Rachel Morley. The duo has been blessed by a child. Rachel often helps out helps out Codee to shoot his videos and often appears in some of Codee’s video clips.

Quick summary:

Full Name: CodeeYount

Date of Birth: 15th February 1993

Birth Place: Syracuse, New York, United States of America

Age: 24 Years Old

Profession: YouTuber

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net worth: $150,000