Aries Spears is an American stand-up comedian, voice artist, actor and an comedian. He was regular in MAD tv’s show Fox’s sketch comedy series, featuring him in 198 episodes.

He gained the second longest serving member of the caston the show.

He was born on April 3rd, 1975 in Manhattan, New York. Doris Spears, his mother was a jazz singer.

At the age of 11, Spears moved to the city of New Jersey and did his scooling in Arthur M . Judd Elemantary school. At the age of 14, he became a comedian, and performed stand up comedy in comedy clubs of New York.

After getting expelled from school, he started with his own comedy shows in his hometown.

Aries  Spears’s Tv carrer started with  Russel Simmons Def Comedy Jam, then after “It’s Showtime At The Apollo.” Following his success, he moved to Los Angeles, and got a significant role in “A different World.”

He started doing a comedy shows and became a regular face in shows like “The Comedy store, The Laugh Factory And The Improv.”

Aries Spears also took part in shows like CrossTown traffic and Soul Train.

Aries Spears ‘s movie carrer started at the age of 16, namely “Malcolm X.” After this, he was seen in movies like “South Of Sunset, Home Of Angels, The Pest Jerry Maguire.” Recently, he played a role of gay rapper in sex comedy namely “Promoted.”

Spears Carrer in MAD tv started in the year of 1997, in the 3rd season which continued till 10th season  in 2005. He was mainly assigned to crated comedy characters  like comedian Belma Buttons, James Brown Jr, Dollar Bill Montogomery. He also created the controversial character of Emcee Esher.

After MAD tv, he was on air in 2nd season  of “Mind Of Mencia.”He also appared in  “Hood Of Horror” movie. He performed in Tv series like  “The Underground,” and gave the voice to the character  Wizard Kelly in “The Proud Family” show.

Spears was on a radio talk show where he criticized rapper Soulja Boy Tell’Em. Spears, alongside other comedians,  appered in “All Star Comedy Jam” for  2009. He signed “Fabb Vision Network” as host in “The Underground” show.

Aries Spears is quiet a rich person. He has accumulated wealth and his current net worth is around $8 million.

Quick Summary :

Full Name: Aries Spears

Date of birth : April 3rd, 1975

Birth place : Manhattan, New York

Age : 44 Years

Profession : Comedian, voice artist, actor

Height : 1.78 mt

Weight : 97 kg.

Net Worth : $ 8 Million