Dave Kindig is a renowned entrepreneur. He is a successful business man and has been involved in his own business venture which has brought him a good amount of fortune. He is the owner of Kindig-It Design and specializes in customizing the vehicles including the restoration of the “hot rods”.

He has also appeared in a reality series most recently which was entitled as Beyond Bitchin’ Rides which was started in the year 2015. His total estimated net worth is about $2.5 million.

He has started his company, Kindig-It Design in the 1990’s. He is an expert in revamping the old cars and converting it to stunning customized designs. His passion has indeed brought him handful of fortune. He has also done few inventions too, one of which was obtaining the patent for Smooth door handles. There are two variants of this design and can be obtained from the Design shop, Kindig-It Design.

Lots of people are employed under him and his wife also works with him. She is the vice president of their company and supports Dave in his business venture. They have two kids, Drew and Baylee. He has several smart and famous people working with him. Valerie Gillies was one amongst his smartest set of people and one of his employees who is greatly involved in the promotion of his products. Other famous and smart employees include, Kevin Schiele, Carlos Delgado, and Will Lockwood.

He has aired his reality show in the year 2014 entitled Beyond Bitchin’ Rides and is one among the most popular television series which is based on the car customization, is dealing with what he does in his business on cars.

Kindig has started his business at the age of 29. He has not done any specialized courses for his business. He has also not gone to college. His love for cars and his passion for drawing resulted in his dream business and this is the secret of his success. He came out with flying colours through his interest in cars as well as his dedication and hard work.

Now, his company is one amongst highly in demand one for customized designs of cars in Salt Lake. Another peculiar feature of his business is that he makes his designs without the use of computers. He has the capability of drawing the design within 2 hours of time. Besides designing, his firm also sells lots of attractive accessories. Those accessories include grills, several customized features that can be used in the vehicles as well as the wheels. They have had two huge business deals, both were for dragsters, one of which was sponsored by Maverick and the other sponsored by the Cornwall Tools. The point to be noted is that both those dragsters have competed in the race of “Federal Mogul Dragster Class”.

He has extended his services to several big names in the automobile industry including Lotus Corvette, Lamborghini, Dodge Viper, and Harley Davidson and so on.

Nothing much was known about the birth year of David Kindig.

Quick Summary:

Full name: David Kindig

Date of birth: Unknown

Birth place: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Profession: Business person

Height: 1.65 m

Weight: 65 Kg

Net worth: $2.5 million

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