Bart Baker is famous for his parody songs in the You Tube channel.  He is also a good performer. He is an American parody song writer. Bart Baker’s birth name is Walter Baker IV.

Bart Baker was born on 05 May 1986. He hails from Chicago, Illinois, United States.

His childhood days were in Winnetka, Illinois. His parents were Walter Baker and Janet Baker. The parody which fetched him fame was “I Know You Were Trouble”. The estimated net worth of Bart Baker is $ 3 million.

He uploaded his first video in the year 2009, December 1. In the year 2009, he had accepted the invitation for becoming a You Tube partner. He signed with Markar Studios in 2011, October.

He succeeded in getting 1,000,000 followers by 15, July 2013 and reached the huge number of 5,000,000 subscribers by the year 2015, January.

His most watched parodies include, Dark Horse of Katy Perry, which had over 105 million views, Wrecking ball parody which had 88 million views, Anaconda by Nicki Minaj having 77 million views. He used to receive lots of hate comments from the fans of these artists.

Some of the trademarks of Bart Baker are his great sense for style and his earrings. Some of his songs were Problem Parody in the year 2014, I Know You Were Trouble Parody in 2013, Anaconda Parody, Wrecking Ball Parody in 2013 as well as the Dark Horse Parody in 2014.

Most of the videos which he posts will be related to the trending issues in the society of America. He only made the cameo appearances in his parodies. Austin Smith was one of the performers of Bart’s videos. He was Bart’s childhood friend.

Bart Baker had done his graduation from University of Miami. He has double majors in Video and Film and a minor in Psychology.

He is now living in Los Angeles, and currently working with Marker Studios. Work From Home Parody was the fastest hit of Bart Barker, which had hit 1,000,000 views in 20 hours.

The Anaconda Parody achieved 10,000,000 views within a short span of 13 days.

Bart Baker won the Webby Award in the year 2014, for the category of Online Film and Video: For remixes of videos or mashups. He got this award for the parody of Blurred Lines.

He had also posted the auto tuned Bedroom Intruder on 2010, July 30.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Walter Baker IV

Date of birth: 05 May 1986

Birth place: Chicago, Illinois, United States

Age: 30 Years

Profession: Parody Singer

Height: 1.85 m

Weight: 76 Kg

Net worth:$ 3 million

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