She is a famous internet personality. She is an actress, a motivational speaker, a rapper, as well as a blogger. Estimated net worth of Lilly Singh is $2.5 million.

Her first channel was started in the year 2010. Forbes Magazine has placed her at the 8th position for the highly paid YouTube fame. She has gross yearly earnings of $1.9 million.

She has even acted in a Bollywood movie opposite to Shah Rukh Khan.

She was born on 26 September 1988, to Sukwinder Singh and Malwinder Singh in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. They have immigrated to Canada and are basically from Punjab in India.

She has an elder sister named Tina. She has been called a tomboy in her childhood and this has greatly helped her to shape her career in the future.

She has a bachelor degree in Psychology from the York University. She attended the Mary Shadd Public School and then joined the Lester. B. Pearson Collegiate Institute to continue her higher education.

She is very close to her grandmother, and highly respects the culture of Punjab. She has been born and brought up in the tradition of India.

Before coming to the video making, she had suffered lot of depression and was very unhappy. In order to feel better, she started her videos in You Tube which in turn helped other people who was suffering under similar circumstances.

From the age of 8, she longed to become a super woman through the stories she read from her comic book. She has found out that there were ony few Asian women involved in the YouTube, so decided to opt for such a career. She has named her You Tube channel as Super Women.

She also had an S-shaped ring which she kept right from her childhood and dreamt of being superwomen in the future.

She is also well known for her music as well as skits. She is also getting a large amount of income through the advertisements placed in her video channels. The main channel of Lilly Singh is IISuperwomenII.

This channel has succeeded in making about 1.2 billion viewers and has about 8.4 millions of people subscribing to those. In the year, 2014, her channel has been ranked in number 39, amongst the top 100 channels by the New Media Rock Stars.

She is also active in her Vlog Channel which also has about 125 millions of viewers and 1.3 millions of subscribers. These high numbers provides a proof for her ever increasing net worth.

She has also become a part of the You Tube Rewind in the year 2014, and she also succeeded in leading the You Tube Rewind in the year 2015. She also owns a website named as Unicorn Island, where she markets the sale of her clothing range.

She had also conducted a tour world wide which was named as A Trip to Unicorn Island, and included the dancing, performance as well as singing, last not but the least, her comedy.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Lilly Singh

Date of birth: 26 September 1988

Birth place: Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

Age: 28

Profession: Actress, a motivational speaker, a rapper, as well as a blogger

Height: 1.68 m

Weight: 54 kg

Net worth: $2.5 million

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