Today, we will dedicate ourselves to music and a variety of music that many people in the world love. Our today’s text brings you a story about music and about the kind of music that has long been popular throughout the world.

It takes a lot talent for music for this job and it’s very difficult to learn to do this job. There are many people in the world who deal with this music and who have become DJs, but few people managed to gain world fame. In this text we are talking about one of these people who have managed to conquer the world scene with their music.

In this text we will talk about the music producer and rapper, which we all know by name Sir Mix-a-Lot. He started his career during the 80s and then managed to gain fame. In the beginning, he only worked as a music producer and DJ, but later he tried out in rapping, and we can say that he was successful.

During his career he released many albums and songs and he managed to gain many fans around the world. His songs have always been unique and he is one of the most famous producers in the world.

During his career, he has established cooperation with many famous DJs and rappers, as well as singers, and this has helped him to achieve great success and gain great financial profit. In this text we will talk about his childhood, but also about his private life and his career. If you did not know any details about him, then this text will help you securely.

Early Years

Sir Mix-a-Lot or Anthony Ray was born on August 12, 1963 in Seattle, Washington, USA. He grew up with a mother who worked as a nurse and earned between $ 6-7 per hour.

They grew up in the part of the town where mostly lived black people. They lived a modest life and he finished elementary school in this part of the city. During the elementary school, Anthony was a quiet boy who liked rap music and who felt that one day he would become a successful musician.

After finishing primary school he was not able to enroll in high school in his part of town. This school stopped working because it was supposed to restore the system in this school and it lasted for several years. Because of this, Anthony, along with friends from his part of the city, had to go to a school located on the other side of the city, which was far away. This was a big problem for him because he had to spend a lot of time each day on his journey to go to school.

This high school was in the part of the city where the white people were mostly living. At one time, Anthony felt threatened, as some people said that the black people were disadvantaged in this school in this part of the city. After a short period of time, the situation calmed down and Anthony successfully managed to finish high school.

In a later interview, he stated that his family did not have the money to attend the elite school, but that he was happy because he managed to finish the high school in which he had learned many things about life. During high school, he also attended a music school, and his teacher helped him to learn to play instruments. He initially loved only rap music but later he learned to play electronic instruments and he found new love in music.

He had a touch with electronics before he started playing music because he did some work and also cleaned electronic music devices. He was familiar with these instruments before the beginning of music.

When he began to learn to play electronic music his teacher was a surprise with his knowledge. After a short time he managed to learn and gain a lot of experience in this music.


Ser Mix-a-Lot started an amateur career during high school and then he showed his rap and electronic music skills. His professional career began in 1980 when he was able to obtain the necessary recording equipment with the help of a local businessman and rapper from his city.

In 1983, he managed to establish his own studio, and then his professional career began. He initially recorded songs that were not popular outside of Seattle. His first song that gained fame outside of Seattle was made in 1986 and was called “Square Dance Rap”. He managed to make a song on which the rap was slowly rhythm and then accelerated the rhythm while changing the voice with various effects during the song.

After a short while, this song was able to gain popularity and various DJs throughout USA were released in night clubs. His first concert was in Florida where he presented the song to the audience. His next song was released in 1987 and was called “Posse on Broadway”.

This song has reached a lot of popularity in a short time and was one of the top 100 most played songs in the USA. In 1987, Sir Mix-a-Lot released his debut album, and on this album his first two songs were found. This album gained a lot of popularity and several famous rappers hosted on this album.

In 1989 he released his second album, and in 1991 he signed a contract with Def American Label, which was entitled to his first two albums.

In 1992, he released his third album in collaboration with this production house and the album was called “Mack Daddy”. On this album, his biggest hit called “Babby Got Back” was found and this song ranks 1 among the top 100 songs in the USA. This song was double platinum and in 1993 he won the Grammy Award for Best Rap Solo Performance.

After this award, Sir Mix-a-Lot became popular around the world and gained many fans. By the end of the 1990s he collaborated with many famous rappers and singers and made 3 songs for Hollywood films. In 1996, he released a new album that was among top 50 albums in the US. At the beginning of 2000 he made a short pause and then continued recording.

In 2001 and 2002, he released several singles that attracted public attention. In 2003, he signed a contract with Independent Label and recorded his new album for this production house. This album was called “Daddy’s Home” and achieved a lot of success across the USA.

After 7 years, in 2010, Sir Mix-a-Lot released his new album and recorded a video that over a million people watched at one day. There are several hits on this album that have gained global fame. This album brought him a lot of financial profit and his songs gained a lot of popularity.

In 2013 he produced an album for rock singer Ayron Jones and this album was called “Dream”. By 2016, he produced several songs for famous rap artists and began working on a new album in collaboration with an American DJ. Throughout his career, Sir Mix-a-Lot has released many popular albums and songs and has become one of the most famous producers in the world.

During his career, he earned about $ 15 million and managed to make a big financial profit. He is still active in electronic music, but mostly with hobbies.

Personal Life

During his career, Sir Mix-a-Lot was a modest and persistent man who wanted to achieve success in the job that he loved. He never made incidents and people always spoke best about him. He is married and has a happy marriage and children and he always tried to provide them with the best living conditions.

During his career, he achieved a lot of success and he managed to make a big financial profit. He is still active in this music and he says that he will soon make several songs for a famous rapper.

Quick Summary

Full name: Anthony Ray

Date of birth: August 12, 1963

Age: 56

Birthplace: Seattle, Washington, USA

Profession: Music Producer, DJ, Rapper

Height: 176 cm

Weight: 85 kg

Net worth:  $15 million