Marcel Theo Hall, known for his stage name Biz Markie, began his career as a musician and rapper, but during his lifetime he dealt with various professions, so he will remain famous as an actor, a television personality, a motivational speaker, but also as a man of great heart and empathy towards other people.

During his musical career, Biz Markie recorded numerous hits that are still heard on radio stations today. Music helped him to find his place in the world of celebrities and to ensure a successful future.

However, Marcel never thought about fame and fortune, his only goal was to feel fulfilled and happy, and because of that, he decided to deal with professions that would make him happy and other people.

Soon after great music career Biz decided to make changes and he started with his acting career, he had mostly episodic roles, but he appeared in very popular and successful films. When we talk about his acting career, we must mention that Biz will surely remain famous for his role in the film ‘Men in Black II’, where he played alongside the incredible Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. This was his first role in the film industry and helped him to get other film roles.

In 2008, Biz got a role in the comedy ‘The Wackness’, and then in 2012, he starred in the romantic movie ‘Celeste and Jesse Forever’.

In addition to acting, Biz is also a DJ, his music is heard in popular clubs throughout the United States, and at weekends he performs at clubs in New York and Los Angeles.

Biz was born witty and positive, as he himself says, laughter and positive energy helped him overcome the toughest moments in his life and bravely deal with them. During teen days, Biz had several appearances as a comedian, he had excellent reviews from the audience and he always tried to create new shows and performances.

In the last few years, Biz has decided to re-engage in the role of a comedian. He had several performances in cafes throughout Los Angeles, but in 2018 he participated in a festival for comedians, held in Minnesota.

At this festival he held performances that had positive reviews and the audience clearly said they wanted to see Biz again in the role of a comedian.

Biz had a variety of professions during his lifetime, and when he had an interview with Magazine People, he said that each profession was special to him because it gave him different experience and left special memories for him.

Early years

Marcel was born in Harlem, New York, but his family was originally from Long Island, so most of his childhood was spent in Long Island. His career started in this city, where he performed numerous performances and held local concerts. Marcel felt his talent for music very early, but Biz was not sure that music would be his life choice, so he decided to enroll Longwood High School.

Biz had a happy childhood, grew up near his grandmother, who had a wonderful voice and hearing for music, and she loved music and art. His grandmother had a great influence on the continuation of his career; she encouraged him to believe in his dreams and to always listen to his heart.

His parents were a big support for Biz during his career; they were always there when he needed support. The start of Biz’s career was not easy, he had to deal with a number of challenges and had to do various jobs in order to manage his first song and start his own career.

During the high school days Biz showed his talent every day. His desire for success was great, witnessed by the fact that Biz worked in a local club as a bartender just to collect money for DJ equipment that was very expensive at that time.

When he turned 18, Biz made the first steps in his musical career. Although many of his friends believed that he would immediately start recording songs and albums, Biz decided to be patient and slowly enter into the world of music and rap. His career began with DJ performances around Long Island, at the beginning his performances were not popular, and many thought he was one of the ordinary kids who did not have talent, and only wanted to gain fame, but Biz proved the opposite.

After a few months, he became one of the most wanted DJs of Long Island, his performances became very popular, and the clubs he performed in were always filled to the last place. The very beginning of his career promises a bright future to this musician.


With only 24 years Biz has release his first album called ‘Goin’ Off’. This album has reached a huge attention from the audience; it also received a lot of positive critics and reviews.

This album also had a few singles which stand out, and they were: ‘Make the music with your mouth, Biz’, ‘Nobody beats the Biz’ and many others. We must say that Biz debut album had a huge impact on his life and career.

People around world start noticing Biz two years earlier when he appeared on documentary ‘Big Fun in The Big Town’. This was music documentary which talk about music on New York streets, many celebrities who were born in New York took part in this documentary.  It talked about rock music, but it also talked about hip hop artist who were at the beginning of their career. Biz took part in this documentary, he talk about his vision of hip hop and rap music.

One year after releasing his debut album, Biz worked hard and in 1989 he released his second album called ‘The Biz Never Sleeps’ and it was a huge success for Biz. This album becomes his most popular and successful album in career, it became popular because of song ‘Just a Friend’, which was on the Billboard Top List and it reached position 4.

This song was listed as one of the biggest hits in music; it also appeared on VH1 Top List of Greatest Songs of All the Time.

In 1991, Biz worked with his cousin Cool V. on his third album, it is interesting that Biz produce music and wrote lyrics for all songs in this album, but unfortunately it did not received positive reviews. This album was called ‘I need a Haircut’.

However this album was not successful, audience was disappointed with his new music, and also Biz was suit from Gilbert O’Sullivan who claimed that Biz has stole songs from his album ‘Alone Again’.

Biz took part in many TV Shows; he also appeared on ‘In Living Color’ the famous American comedy show.  He also took part in popular show ‘Celebrity Fit Club’ and he was challenge to lose weight, it is interesting that Biz lose more weight than anybody else, but only two years after this show he gain more than 10 pounds.

Personal life

When it comes to his personal life Biz is very open, he never makes scandals and he is focus on his career, family and friends. Today Biz lives and work in Howard Country, he is not married and he doesn’t have kids.

He never paid attention on his personal life; he has always talked about his career and work. In 2016 Biz had interview for People Magazine, he said that he is satisfied with his career and he want to continue with doings things which make him satisfied.

In this interview Biz was asked why he stopped making new music, he answered that he needed a break from music industry, he said that music is always around him, he stills write songs and produce music for other people, but he don’t want to be a performer anymore.

Biz is a passionate traveler; he is traveling around the world, meeting new people, learning new languages and meeting new cultures. He also said that he is planning to start his own YouTube channel, where we will see him on many adventures; he is planning to introduce us with his traveling activities, with new cultures, food and many beautiful destinations.

Biz is also popular as a motivation speaker, in his videos Biz speaks about making right decisions, confidence, improving and developing career.

Today, Biz is happy and satisfied with his life; he is fulfilled with positive energy and harmony. Biz says that life can be hard and difficult, but if you face with difficulties on positive way and if you have confidence and trust in yourself then you can be sure that you will solve every problem.

We are sure that Biz will continue with doing thing he loves, he thought us that we should do thing which make us happy, it is no matter what other people says, it is only important what we feel and think.

Quick summary

Full Name: Marcel Theo Hall

Birthplace: Harlem, New York, United States of America

Date of birth: April 8, 1964

Age: 55

Profession: Rapper, DJ, Actor and TV Personality

Height: 187 cm

Weight: 88 kg

Net Worth: $1.4 million