In our current text we will talk about music and specific music genre. Music is everywhere around us and music is something that connects people and every person in the world has the kind of music that is his favorite. Music has been from ancient times and without it the world would be different. Our today’s story is about music and about a kind of music that is among the favorite types of music in some countries in the world.

Today’s article is reserved for rap music and we will talk about this type of music which is becoming more and more popular year after year. If you are interested in this kind of music, then this text will surely be interesting to you and will reveal some new information you may not have known up to now. This music has always attracted many artists who want to express their freedom of speech.

In these songs we can always find different opinions and in them, rappers always express their emotions and theirs everyday life. Rap is music that is not accepted well in all countries in the world. This music is most popular in the USA and from this country we have a large number of artists who have gained global fame.

In this topic, we will introduce you to an American rapper who achieved fame in the 1990s. This rapper had a very turbulent life and career but he succeeded in achieving success and throwing out many songs and several albums that impressed the audience. His artistic name is Bizzy Bone and in this text we will introduce you to his career and details in his private life. Bizzy Bone began his rap career in the 1990s and when he was very young, he joined a rap group from Cleveland called None Thugs-n-Harmony.

He was the youngest member of this rap group and was very talented. In addition to this group he also managed to make a solo career and managed to achieve financial profit. During his career he held many concerts throughout the USA, as well as several concerts throughout Europe.

In this text we will introduce you to his life from childhood, as well as details of his career and his private life.

Early Years

Bizzy Bone or Bryon Anthony McCane II was born on September 12, 1976 in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Shortly after his birth, his father died and he remained to live with his mother. His mother married again when Bryon was 2 years old. Then he began to live with his stepfather and with 2 half-sisters.

It was very difficult for him during this period, although he was very young. He had to get used to different conditions of life and had to share his life with new people. His stepfather was not good to him, and Bryon did not like him. When Bryon was 4 years old he had the worst moment in his life. While his mother was at work, his stepfather kidnapped him and the two sisters who were his daughters. He put them in a car and drove them away from the city in which they lived in.

He drove them to North Oklahoma and in the beginning he placed them in a rented house. In the following period Bizzy lived in various houses, rented apartments, motels and was often mistreated and sexually abused. These two years were the heaviest of his life and he had to survive various difficult situations.

In 1983, this “family” moved to the Kaw Indian Reservation in Kaw, Oklahoma. They lived here about a year and a half and during that period Bizzy had to survive many difficult moments. After a short period they got a babysitter who watched them when his stepfather was not in the house. One day she watched television and she spotted Bryon’s photo on America’s Most Wanted show. She then called the police who returned Bryon to his mother and real family. This event shook his mother a lot, but she was happy after her son returned home.

In the following period he went to elementary school and lived with his mother. She had to do a variety of jobs to enable him to live a normal life. When he was 13, he moved to his sister in Cleveland. He went to high school in this city and in that period he met several friends who liked rap music. He loved this music and shared the same interest with them. By the age of 15, they recorded several amateur songs and showed that they had talent for this kind of music.

In cooperation with Layzie Bone, Krayzie Bone, Wish Bone and Flesh-n-Bone, he founded a rap group called Bone Enterprise and this group was founded in 1992. They initially had the help of the famous rapper Eazy-E who later gave them a new name Thugs-n-Harmony. They initially showed a great talent for rap music and their songs were thrilled by the audience. By 1994, they record 5 songs that became popular across the USA. This group had a tremendous tendency to become very successful and they succeeded in gaining a large number of fans.

During these years Bizzy was not devoted to school and he did not like to learn. He decided to dedicate himself to music and to try to make a career that would bring him financial profit. His mother and friends advised him to enroll the college, but he did not want to.

He wanted to become rapper and become popular around the world. In the later period he managed to realize his dreams and managed to throw out several albums and many songs that left a big mark on rap music.


Bizzy Bone began his rap career in 1992 when he and his colleagues founded the rap group Thugs-n-Harmony in Cleveland. His career began with several songs that were able to attract attention from the audience. This group has released 2 albums and several singles that have achieved a lot of success in that period. They held many concerts around the USA and began to gain popularity.

In 1996, they held a concert in New York, which was among the most popular concerts in the 1990s. In 1997 they released a single that was among the top 10 best songs in the US. Bizzy Bone decided in 1998 to start a solo career. He received support from the audience and a production house and began working on his debut album. In October 1998, he released his first album, Heaven’z Movie. This album has reached great popularity and has risen to position 2 among the top 200 albums in the world. The songs on this album were very popular and all rap music fans were delighted with these songs.

After this album, Bizzy Bone held several concerts across the United States with a large number of his fans. His album was sold in over 300,000 copies across USA. Bizzy managed to make a good start of a solo career and managed to make a good financial profit. In 2001, Bizzy released his second album, The Gift. After releasing this album, he ranks in position 2 among the best albums in the US.

This album has gained great popularity and people have been able to recognize his life in these songs. Bizzy described his life and childhood in the songs on this album and had excellent verses. Many people recognized their life in these songs and they thought that Bizzy is a sincere rapper who describes his life. After this album he has held many concerts throughout the USA but also several concerts throughout Europe.

This album helped him to gain additional glory and additional financial income. In 2004 Bizzy released a new album called Alpha and Omega, and in this album, Bizzy changed his style of rapping and rhyme. On this album he changed the theme and his songs were different and more positive. His fans reacted positively and they thought this album was a fresh surprise for a rap scene.

In the following years, Bizzy has released several albums that have gained quite a lot of popularity. In each album, he changed his style of rapping, and each song was different from the previous one.

His last album was released in 2010 and is called Crossroads. In all of his songs, we were able to get to know his life and the details of his youth. Bizzy went through many difficult moments in his life and he had to build his own career. He did not have much money but he managed to make his career and achieve a lot of financial profit.

Bizzy Bone also worked on his acting career. He played in Jacked Up in 2001 and then in 2003 in Cutthroat Alley. In 2006 he made a documentary film Beef III in which we could hear many of his songs and his thoughts on rap music. In 2015, he starred in the romantic comedy “What Now?” and this film brought him additional popularity.

Throughout his career, Bizzy managed to gain a lot of fame and success, but he also managed to make a financial profit of between $ 7 million and $ 10 million. His career in rap music will be remembered because he has always been devoted to this music.

Personal Life

Bizzy Bone had a lot of difficult moments in his life, but he managed to make a great rap career and to provide a great life and financial success.

He currently lives in Los Angeles and leads a peaceful family life. Bizzy Bone is also active on social networks and has a large number of followers on Instagram and Facebook profile.

Quick Summary

Full name: Bryon Anthony McCane II

Date of birth: September 12, 1976

Age: 43

Birthplace: Columbus, Ohio, USA

Profession: Rapper

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 79 kg

Net worth:  $10 million