In today’s text we will talk about music and we will present to you a career and the life of one of the more famous American rappers. He is one of the members of the old school generation and he managed to make a lot of success in rap music. During his career, he managed to establish cooperation with many famous rappers and managed to achieve much success.

He also made great financial gain and his life was full of interesting details. In this text we will talk about Big Daddy Kane – an American rapper who made a lot of success on the American hip hop scene. If you are interested in finding out more details about this rapper then you are in the right place and we will present you with his private life and his career.

Early Years

Antonio Hardy was born on September 10, 1968 and he is known as Big Daddy Kane, and he is a rapper who won the Grammy award. He is also member of VH1 Hip hop Honor, and he is producer, composer, actor and model from New York.

He is considered as one of the most influential rappers in the history of hip hop. The Rolling Stone magazine put his song “Ain’t no half-steppin” in their list of 50 of the biggest hip-hop songs of all time, calling it a “master” of words that has enormous impact on new generations.

In 1984, Kane became friends with Biz Markie, to whom he later helped to write the most famous hits of his. Both of them became participants in the Queens-based Juice Crew, a team led by the producer Marley Marl.

Kane signed to Cold Chillin ‘Records in 1987 and in the same year he released his debut single Raw, which became an underground hit. Kane is known for his ability to sync on fast hip-hop beats, and, despite his asthma, he is considered one of the inventors of quick rap.

The first album came out in 1988. He achieved tremendous success.


As we already said, his song from this album has attracted the attention of the well-known Rolling Stone magazine. Immediately next year, Kane released his next album. His second album is definitely the most successful in his career. In the 1980s, Kane hit the top of the world charts. He made r-n-b hits one by one.

The 90s were not exactly the brightest period for Kane’s career. He still worked and collaborated with renowned artists, but he could never come to life from the 1980s.

He was then proclaimed king of the golden age of hip-hop. Still, Kane did not stop. He has always had a dream to try and act as an actor. He was debuting as an actor in 1993. He played in a couple of films, but none had any remarkable success. No matter how hard he tried, Kane could never regain his old glory. In the mid-’90s he met Jаy Z. Kane was the one who helped Jаy Z to break into the world music scene.

In 2004, the song “Warm it up Kane” was released. This song was shot for the game. His name Kane was used in that game. The main character in the game was his name, and he was the leader of the main gang. His career did not make much progress during the 2000s. 2008 he shot another song for the game.

In that text, Jay Y asked for the issue. However, his move was not well received by the audience.

They all claimed that he wanted Jay Davis to regain his old glory.
In the end, everything was the opposite of what he wanted to achieve with that song. Many fans began to hate him because he did not hold on to himself.

Kane gained immense popularity in the 1990s. He could not even dream of achieving such success. He earned a lot of money. As usually with popularity comes money and brings a bit more relaxed life. He started to spend a lot of time at parties. He began to drink a lot, and to take drugs and this was standard story of well-known successful people. Much was written in the newspapers about his way of life.

Kane did not manage to stop. He changed the girls very often. Some tabloids have suggested that there were sometimes even more girls just for one night. Kane led the life of the real star. But at the end of the 90’s everything came to the end.

He had to start rehabilitation. He was so young, and alcohol and drug addiction led him to ruin. Kane had run away from the rehabilitation clinic many times.

Diseases of addiction are very difficult. His family joined in his treatment and he had their full support. And the friends were there for him.

Kane finally succeeded after two years of constant fighting. Now he no longer consumes any opiates. In an interview, he stated that he sincerely feared for his life. Even at some point, he thought HIV was positive. After treatment, he decided to raise awareness in the prevention of drug addiction. He talked a lot about this subject. He always emphasized that without the support of his closest ones he would never succeed.

He was finally ready to return to the scene. In the meantime, he started out with Shawnette Hardy. And she was a big support, but also a huge motive to keep him sober. After a turbulent life, Kane calmed down and decided that family life was what filled him up. Shawnette became the center of his world.

He said that everything he did was dedicated to her. Soon he asked her to marry him. Shawnette said yes. They married in a small circle of family and friends in 2010.

Kane did not want their wedding to be medically showed. He always tried to save his wife from the media and the public.

The couple lives happily today. This is very rare for someone engaged in public buissines. The two managed to save their marriage. They have a son who has 8 years. Kane often says that he did not know the meaning of his life until he got a son. His family is now the center of his world, and his career is in second place.

Personal Life

Kane had a very difficult childhood. His parents were very poor. Kane spent a lot of time on the street.

That was one of the reasons he began to deal with hip hop. He wanted something more for himself, his parents and his younger brother.

He succeeded in that. The road was very difficult, but Kane provided a comfortable and luxurious life to all of them. His childhood on the street and in poverty was an inspiration for a large number of his lyrics. Kane never forgot friends who had been with him since childhood and who always believed in his talent.

He always said that in life one should keep those who are with you in good and evil, and not just when your roses bloom.

During his long career, Kane managed to make a lot of money. He gave a large part for humanitarian purposes. He wanted a different life for children who grew up in his hometown. After the wedding, his wife encouraged his humanitarian work.

Together they founded their humanitarian organization named with his artistic name KANE. His organization has earned millions of dollars for education and schooling of children.

Kane found the meaning of his life in helping others. Because of these characteristics he is one of the favorite public figures. No other hip hop musician paid much attention to humanitarian work. His wife introduced great and positive changes in his life. Kane had a very successful career. As we already mentioned, he earned a large amount of money. Many are wondering what his net worth is.

There are no 100% reliable information on this topic, but it is estimated that it is close to 400 thousand dollars. He is also a great influencer. He has nearly 40,000 followers on the social network Instagram, and Twitter has more than twice, even 80000. That’s a pretty big deal. Another thing that intrudes its fans is its height. Kane is very tall. 183cm is his height.

Kane has repeatedly stated that because of his height and muscles he had much more chance with women.

In the end, we can only say that we wish him all the best in life and a lot of success in further work.

He also said that in the future he will continue to deal with rap music and that he will also get new co-operation with new and young rappers from the American hip hop scene. He said that rap is his greatest love and that he will surely continue to deal with the production of music.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Antonio Hardy

Birthplace: New York City, New York, USA

Date of birth: September 10, 1968

Age: 51

Profession: Rapper and actor

Height: 187 cm

Weight: 87 kg

Net Worth: $24 million