Quick Summary:

Full name: Robert Lane Bob Saget

Date of birth: 17 May 1956

Birth place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Age: 60 Years

Profession: Stand-Up Comedian, Actor, Television Host.

Height: 1.93 m

Weight: 87 Kg

Net worth:$100 million


Bob Saget is an American comedian, television host, and a renowned actor. He is considered as one among the top 100 richest comedians. Bob Saget is an R-rated stand-up comedian. The net worth of Bob Saget is estimated around $100 million.

Bob Robert Lane Saget’s date of birth was 17 May 1956 in Philadelphia, for a Jewish family in Pennsylvania, United States.

His father was Benjamin Saget, who was employed as a supermarket executive and his mother, Rosalyn Saget worked as a hospital administrator.

His parents moved from one place to another, in search of better jobs and better living conditions. He was married to Sherri Kramer from 1982 to 1997. They have three daughters, the twins Aubrey and Laura and Jennifer.

Bob graduated from Abington Senor High School, Abington, Pennsylvania. He was obese till the age of 22, and had some health issues and had to go through a giant appendicitis surgery. He went to Temple University’s film school where he joined the Sketch comedy group.

Bob won a Student Academy Award in the year 1977 for a documentary named Through Adam’s Eyes. It was filmed in black and white and unveiled the story of a boy who has undergone a facial reconstructive surgery.

Ben Saget graduated in the year 1978 with a degree in BA. He joined University of California, but quit after a few days.

At the initial stages of his career, he travelled throughout the countries and used to perform the stand-up comedy shows. He played the role of Danny Tanner, the patriarch in the American ABC series Full House.

But after the end of the show, he also was famed himself as a filthy comic star.

Another comedy series hosted by Bob was America’s Funniest Home Videos. Bob Saget, in 1996, directed Movie of Hope, which was inspired by his sister’s life, who died of scleroderma.

The first featured film directed by Saget in 1998 was Dirty Work. He was one of the comedians who were famed as both best comedian ever and the worst comedian ever. He was one of the guest comedians in the Television game show, Make Me Laugh from the year 1979 to 1980.

He was also well known for his infamous jokes from The Aristocrats in the year 2005. He also hosted the NBC game show, 1 vs 100, in the year 2006.

Bob Saget currently is a member of the board for Scleroderma Research Foundation. Regina Hall, the Scary Movie star was also benefited from his efforts on Scleroderma. His organization has raised $25 million for research.

He has written a book named Dirty Daddy: The Chronicles of a Family Man Turned Filthy Comedian. In this book he reveals the relationships he had with the co-stars of Full House and that he had quite often misbehaved with his co-stars on the set, John Stamos and Dave Coulier.

He also reveals the situations where three of them had a bad fight and how the producers and kid’s parents would take them to the conference rooms for talks.


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