Brett Hull is a former American ice hockey player who is still involved in the work of the National Hockey League. He is the fourth player in the whole NHL history for the numbers of goals he scored during his career.

Early years

He was born as Brett Andrew Hull on August 9, 1964 in a town Belleville in Ontario, USA.

His father Bobby was a hockey player in NHL and his mum Joanne was a figure skater. She was the one who taught him how to skate and he has built a more stronger relationship with her than his father.

He has three brothers and a sister Michelle. The sons of the family all had names which started as their father’s first letter, B in Bobby. Brett had brothers Bobby Jr., Black and Bart.

Hull has spent all of his childhood mostly in Illinois, Chicago and spent a lot of time with his father on skates. His father played for Chicago Blackhawks so he and his brothers often skated with the team when they came out with his father to see him play.

His father Bobby signed a contract with Winnipeg Jets in early 70’s so the family relocated to Canada. After that his parents divorced and Brett stayed with his mother. He hasn’t stayed much in contact with his father, but it does not seem like the divorce had a huge impact on him. Either way, he decided to move away from the problem by pursuing hobbies.

Career development

In 1982, he became eligible for the NHL Draft, but he hasn’t received any interest from hockey clubs since he was still in a junior league.

In 1982/83 season he became a member of Penticon Knights Junior Team. Although he scored almost in every game he still wasn’t drafted in 1983.

In 1983/84 he broke several Junior League records so he was finally noticed by a club: Calgary Flames took him in on the 1984 draft.

He was offered a scholarship at University of Minnesota which he gladly accepted.

He gained the „Jerry Chumola Award“and became the Rookie of the year on the same University.

He became one of the top players at National Collegiate Athletic Association which regulates all athletes in colleges and universities both in Usa and in Canada.

He played two seasons for UMD university and has set a lot od records such as: most scores in one season and most goals by a freshman.

He debuted at the 1986 Stanley Cup Playoffs playing for the Calgary Flames. After that he has transffered to the Monction Golden Flames.

He became the Rookie of the year the same season.

Although he stayed with the same team in 87/88 season, he was finally traded to St. Louis Blues. The team forced him to improve his skating so he trained for it the whole summer. He got into excellent shape, becoming the No.5 player to score 50 goals in the same number of games.

He won the „Lady Bing Trophy“ in 1991. He became the team captain but lost his title after clashing with their new coach Mike Keenan. The two of them started arguing over the media, and the coach was fired to regain peace in the team. Brett was too valuable to be lost.

He became a free agent in 1997 because he wasn’t satisfied with the contract Blues had offered him. He joined the Dallas Stars, signing a $17 million worth contract.

The Dallas Stars made him a free agent and he joined Detroit Red Wings. He stayed there until the season 2003/04 after what he became a free agent again.

He accepted a new contract offered by Phoenix Coyotes which became his new hockey team. In 2005 he retired as a player.

He has citizenships both from Canada and America so he played for both countries on international championships.

In 1988 he made it to Winter Olympic Fames where he scored twice. He was acused that he betrayed Canada while playing for the USA. This was very unfair since he tried hard for both countries.

In 2006 he was a special assistant to the president of the Dallas Stars. He was replaced after it was discovered that the  player who he aquired, named Sean Avery,  is a homofob and is making problems to other team members and the club.

Today he is the executive vice president of the St. Louis Blues hockey club.

Personal life

Jude, Jayde and Crosby are his three children from his first marriage with his ex-wife Allison Curan. They were married from 1996-2005

Since 2006, he is married to Darcie Schollmeyer.

There is a Nintendo video game called Brett Hull Hockey.

He is great at golf so he comepetes on American Century Celebrity Golf Classic.

Quick summary

Full name: Brett Andrew Hull

Date of birth: August 9, 1964

Birthplace:  Belleville, Ontario, USA

Age: 54

Profession: former ice hockey player

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 99kgs

Net Worth: $20 million