Today we live in the era of many well-known and excellent athletes who daily delight us with their abilities. Sport is very popular today and the sport we are about to talk today is certainly one of the most popular in today’s world.

Over the years, this sport has changed, but the legends of this sport have never been forgotten. We will talk today about tennis which is one of the most interesting sports and is popular in all countries of the world.

Nowadays we can watch matches from one of the best tennis players in the history of this sport, but in today’s text we will talk about an ex-player who left a great track in tennis and who managed to win a large number of titles as well as over 7 grand slam titles.

His name is John McEnroe and you’ve certainly heard of him if you are a fan of this sport. He was born in 1959 and has not long been involved in this sport, but he is still known among tennis fans and his name is often mentioned in many tournaments.

He has managed to win the US Open four times and has managed to win Wimbledon three times. John will remain remembered as a record holder because he managed to score a score of 82-3 in one year.

During his career, he co-operated with many coaches and tennis players, but he was also known for his tough character because he often went into conflict with other tennis players and with judges.

However, he will still be remembered as one of the best players in the history of this sport, and for this reason we will pay attention to this man in today’s text.

He finished his professional career in singles in 1994, but in the following period he occasionally participated in tournaments in doubles. All people who like this sport think that he is among the top 10 tennis players in history and he has been in position number one for many years.

During his career, many journalists wrote about the details of his life, and for that reason he often went into conflict with them. John has told several times on television that he hates journalists because they have always tried to deceitfully represent his private life. He is one of the people who do not like to reveal his private life, but we will, in this text, reveal some of the familiar details about his career and his life.

Early Years

John Patrick McEnroe Jr. was born on October 7, 1959 in Wiesbaden, West Germany (present-day Germany).

His parents lived in Germany until John was one year old and then decided to move to USA and they found a flat in New York City. His father had extensive experience in the military and he quickly got a job in the USA. After a short period of time he became a pilot in the US military and this job brought him a solid financial profit. His mother did not have a job in the beginning, but after a year she started working.

John was not their only child because he had a sister who was younger than him. John was 6 years older than her, and in the later period he tried to create an excellent relationship with her.

In the later period when John began to build success in tennis, she was his great support and always followed his matches. When she grew up, she was also interested in sports and in the later period she was given a license for a basketball coach. She is currently working as a basketball coach in the women’s basketball college team.

During childhood, John was a great fan of sports, he trained basketball and in his spare time he was swimming and cycling. His parents had a great deal of influence on his sporting spirit in the beggining and his father also had been training tennis for years, while his mother was a basketball player in short period of life.

However, because of many serious injuries and job obligations and family obligations, they both decided to end up with the sport. When John started high school, it was clear that he was very talented, and that he could achieve excellent results in tennis.

After several months, he joined in the local tennis club. His results were getting better and better, but John was not fulfilled and happy because of this, because this was a big moment of his life but he did not had enough support from his friends and family.

After finishing high school, John received a sports scholarship at the University of New York and he along with his trainer, achieved excellent results in sports, and after a year and a half of study he decided to end with the college and he wanted do devote all of his time to tennis.

However during the tennis games in his beggining of career he could not relaxa and he said several times that he cannot give good results because he felt lonely in that period of time. Success in tennis was not enough for him because he wanted much more support from his closest friends and family.

We must say that his beginnings were not great, but he never gave up of his dreams and he was ready to fight to the last moments.

John McEnroe has repeatedly said that his parents did not believe that he could achieve great success, but that he proved otherwise.  John is the only tennis player in history of this sport who dominated in all big tournaments in one year and he made a big score and he had a score 82-3 after one year. His big career ascension took place in 1983, when he became champion in the US Open and Wimbledon, after which John worked hard on his game, focused on the technique and achieved incredible successes.

At the beginning of his professional career, John was completely alone and he did not have the big support of his parents, friends, or other athletes.

Nevertheless, he did not want to give up, although the others did not believe in him, John believed in himself and in his dreams. He was ready to work devotedly, to sacrifice himself and to become a champion. Since 1985, his career grew up and he became on of the most succesfull tennis player in that period of time. He was named as the best tennis player in 1985,1986 and 1987, while the tennis player who was in the second place was five years older than John.

From the very beginning of his career, sports critics and his colleagues did not believe that John McEnroe could become successful, they predicted a short career for him, but John despite all the obstacles has managed to become the best in tennis. We must note that many tennis players in that period of time retire before they turned up 30 years, while John continues to perform and achieves incredible results and after he turned 30 years.

Even after a big success and after he won his first grand slam tournaments, the audience could not fell in love with this great tennis player and the reason for that was his turbulent private life and his tough caracter,because he often went in conflict with many other players and judges.

Although he was a successful athlete, John did not hide from the public that he sometimes while he was playing tennis was consuming alcohol because he loved to go out in night clubs. He has also been in problem with law for several times but it was not at big level.


John McEnroe began to play tennis in his youth, but he played his first junior tournament when he was 18 years old. In that period, many tennis fans were delighted to watch his games and they thought that he had a huge talent and that he would become a great tennis player in the future.

His first professional tournament was in 1978 when he signed a contract with Sergio Tachini, which was his sponsor. John was very motivated to make initial success and in his first tournament he scored a good result.

In the coming years, John had excellent results and after 3 years of starting tennis, John became No. 1 in the world. His perfect technique and excellent skills helped him to achieve fantastic results and, after 3 years of tennis he won 2 grand slam tournaments. During that time, John McEnroe became one of the most famous athletes in the world and he was daily on various newspapers and magazines.

In 1980, Wimbledon finals were played and John McEnroe and Borg met in this final, who was next to John the best tennis player in that period. This final was declared as the best final in the history of this sport, and after the 4 sets, the result was 2-2.

This match lasted for a very long time and in the last set John managed to win with a score of 18-16. This match was followed by several million people around the world and this was the most watched event on television in that period.

John was very proud because he managed to win a very tough game and after that he was motivated to continue to win the ATP titles.

His career lasted until 1994 when he decided to retire. John said that he was pleased with all the victories and trophies in this sport, but he wants to rest and he said that he will continue to compete in doubles occasionally. Many tennis fans were disappointed with his decision but were proud of him because he managed to achieve incredible results and to enter into history.

Personal Life

John McEnroe had a very successful career, but he was amongst athletes with a very tough character.

He often went into conflict with other tennis players and with the judges. John managed to make an excellent career as well as an excellent financial profit of about $ 15 million.

Quick Summary

Full Name: John Patrick McEnroe Jr.

Birthplace: Wiesbaden, Germany

Date of birth: 16 February, 1959

Age: 60

Profession: Former Tennis Player

Height: 182 cm

Weight: 77 kg

Net Worth: $15 million