Brooke Hyland Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Brooke Hyland Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

If you remember, ‘Dance Moms’ than you must be aware of Brooke Hyland. In this very program the promising dancer who sings as well made her first mark. She got associated with ‘Abby Lee Miller Dance Company.

At this very young age she had become inspiration for many aspirants. Brooke and her sister are both talented dancers and they are given training since their childhood days. She is into dancing since the age of nine. She also has interest in singing and is also associated the nonprofit organization, Abel Lee Dance company that is widely known throughout the globe.

Early life

Brooke Marie Hyland was born in Murrysville, Pennsylvania, United States on 30th January, 1998. Randy Hyland is her father and Kelly Hyland is her mother. Among three children Brooke is the eldest one with one younger sister and a little brother. She is a young girl of hardly 19 years of age who is studying in the ninth grade and has become a well known figure for excellent cultural talents.

She is a proud student of the Frankfin Regional High School where she is accompanied by her brother and her sister. When the sisters were associated with Abby Lee Miller Dance Company days went well but unfortunately a quarrel broke out between their dance teacher Abby Lee Miller and Kelly Brooke their mother. Kelly reported that her daughters have been hurt by Abby Lee during their dance training and also notified to the authority that he had hurt her daughters behind the camera and no news flashes were witnessed.

Kelly Hyland had unknowingly brought an end to her daughter’s career with this quarrel. Brook and sister could not enter the ALDC campus after that confusion that took place. Brook being a talented dancer has taken up metamorphosis as her genre and is being sincere with her effort.


Dancing is her passion and she almost lives her life because for her dance is like an oxygen. Her dance genre being metamorphosis has made her more popular for producing such unique dance patterns and forms. Her dance steps somewhat resembles the procedures of gymnastics and some forms of yoga. She is having a brilliant grip over her body and can easily bring upon any curve that she want to make. Metamorphosis is a typical dance category that needs a tremendous flexible body that Brook posses. She has mastered this dance form by the age of 14 and has even prospered with form of dance with more detailing and accuracy.

She can be called as a perfect You Tuber who is into making videos performing metamorphosis and uploading them for the viewers to make them know about this brilliant dance form. She is stuffed with so many talents that often she has to decide which one she needs to deal with keeping the other one in hold. She has interest of being a cheerleader and has often thought of sacrificing dance for becoming a cheerleader. Being a supple and nimble acrobat she performs brilliantly and is well known for her exclusive contortion tricks. She dreams of performing in the Cirque Du Solei one fine day.

Brooke’s first release was in iTunes. She came up with her first music solo album and named it “Summer Love Songs”. She came up with her next albums release soon after her first release. Brook being a talented dancer also takes interest in singing. She has not put enough effort in getting groomed for developing her vocal talents. She never thought of making her passion for singing marked as her profession and she was much more attentive and interested with her dancing career. She has been successful enough to make uncountable followers on the social media especially through instragarm. She has come with a You Tube channel named “Brooke Hyland”

Personal life

Brook has not yet reached the age yet and hence there is not much personal affairs reported. She is a big promise and has a long way to go who would be entertaining the world with her talents.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Brooke Marie Hyland

Date of Birth: 30January, 1998

Birth Place: Murrysville, Pennsylvania, United States

Age: 19 Years

Profession: Dancer

Height: 1.56 m


Net worth: $ 250.000


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