Carla Ferrel is a TV and radio person who began her career being a host and later became famous because she shared a lot of her personal information about her life lessons with the audience.

She was a part of the Steve Harvey Morning Show where she is a co-host.

Early life:

Carla was born in Chicago but she didn’t spend her childhood there. She lived in Houston, Texas, where she developed her communication skills which later led to her workplace.

She didn’t talk a lot about her early life and some people think that this is because she had a very sad childhood, but these are just various speculations.

Career development:

Her first gig was on KMJQ-FM in Houston and she became a producer there. Soon she got her own show and she became very popular in the US. She was very good at her job.

Because of her quick growth, she was soon promoted and became the assistan of the main program director. After this, she decided that it would be a good choice to go back to her hometown: Chicago.

She became a part of the WGCI-FM crew and she wanted to be an entertainer.

She soon got her own parts and daily would be on air for about four hours. She doesn’t like being a celebrity and doesn’t think that she is one.

She is now building up her career by being a co-host to Steve Harvey. This is both making the show and her more popular since people do love her and how entertaining she is.

She built up her career to a number where she has about 6 million people listening to her weekly. This has been achieveed with hard work that she has been putting in her hosting for decades.

Back in 2001, she was mentioned as the best female host in the new millenial. However, she doesn’t like to brag about anything and she likes to keep her salary, net worth and money to herself. She dresses humbly, in beautiful clothes from boutiqes, not designer clothes.

In 2007 she directed “Sweat Hotel” and this was one of the most popular jobs he had done in her career.  This was something she said that she never thought she would get a chance to do, yet she had a great time being a part of it.

Personal life:

She doesn’t talk about her marriage because this topic is very sensitive to her,but she often talks about her daughter Tosha whom she loves the most out of all of the things in the world that she has.

There have been many theories about her husband, but the most popular rumor that goes around in the media is the fact that Steve Harvey could be the kid’s father.

Carla however doesn’t like to talk about herself as a famous person and she claims that she would like to be treated as a confident woman. She has an attitude that she shares with people without doubt and her audience loves that.

Carla likes to talk about various things on her radio shows and she likes to touch topics that are very restricted today. She also isn’t afraid to share her opinion, but this created her a lot of enemies throughout her career and that’s why she keeps her life so private and quiet.

Her daughter’s life is very sacred to her and therefore she keeps it in privacy and doesn’t share info about her school, her hobbies and similar. She just lkes to talk about her in a way where she gives lectures to other loving parents.

Quick summary

Full name: Carla Ferrell

Date of birth: NA

Birthplace: Chicago

Age: 30-33 (speculated)

Profession: TV person

Height: 170 cm

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $300 000