Cari Champion is a famous American broadcast Journalist and a Television personality. She was born June, 1975 in Pasadena, California.

Later she attended the University of California located in Los Angeles and got her degree in English and minor degree in Mass Communication.

While taking her education, she started to write for the Daily Bruin and it inspired her to take up a career in journalism which she perhaps took in Matea Gold of Los Angeles Times.

She says that she took up the profession to change the typical thinking of African American.

Soon after she was graduated, she made her move to Florida to get her first job. She took up her profession in professional broadcasting in West Virginia and further went on to work with Stations in Santa Ana located in California and further in Palm Beach, Florida.

She started covering news on various subjects like disaster occurrences and human interest stories in all over Florida.

During her work of covering news in Florida, she started taking interest in Tennis matches and covering news out of it. She took more interest in the career of Venus and Serena Williams. Her serious interest in tennis made her to get hired by the brand new Tennis channel as a post of broadcaster in the year 2009, which was a drastic step in shaping her future.

She even went on to give audition for the Tennis Channel’s growing news department and was one of three selected women who were chosen amongst 50 contestants. Along with this, Cari made her name even as a local reporter and that allowed her to nationally events.

She served as the reporter of the Orange Country News Channel in Santa Ana and served in many other news channels. She was once fired from her job for being vulgar on the television.

This event of being hired as a broadcaster, she started focusing more on covering the entertainment news and served as a reporter for the names like “The Insider,” “Starz Network,” and “Hollywood 41” before she became the host of the ESPN2’s “First Take” in the year 2012.

Her successful career made her to achieve an estimated net worth of $ 2 million.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Cari Champion

Date of birth: June, 1975

Birth place: Pasadena, California

Age: 44 years

Profession: Broadcast Journalist and Television Personality

Height: 6’1’

Weight: 67 kg

Net worth: $2 Million