Charles Eugene “Pat” Boone is American singer, actor, writer, motivation speaker and television personality. He became popular as singer, he started his career very early as solo artist, but soon after that Charles has become member of popular pop band called ‘Golden star’.

Soon after leaving this group, Pat has decided to direct his career to solo performance, and in this period he became one of the most popular musician and artist in America. This success helped him to build career, to develop his talent and it help him to provide better future for him and his family.

Pat was not a quiet man, he had a special character, and he searched for new experiences and wanted to taste happiness in different life fields. After becoming popular in America where he appeared as a music artist, Pat wanted to taste happiness in acting. This decision confused many of his fans, and he is the one of first artists to give up a successful job and started a career in a completely different direction.

Soon, acting became his new love, thanks to his musical career, he got roles in several films, which were screened by experienced and renowned filmmakers.

In the past few decades, Pat became a writer and motivational speaker. Pat once again showed that a man can have more talent, and that he can be successful in different fields.

His first book had an unbelievable success, it became a bestseller, and one of the most valuable books according to the research by the New York Times. In his further work, Pat tries to help people to make the right decisions. He talks about his career, and points out his mistakes to younger generations. His speeches are inspiring, they are helping people to realize that nothing is impossible if you believe and follow your dreams.

We will dedicate this article to Pat, whose career is full of success and great achievements. Not only can we be envy on his career, besides her, Pet is a very friendly, ordinary man who enjoys life, raising his children and grandchildren.

We will talk about his personal problems, we will talk about his emotional and intellectual development and we will talk about his private life. This article will provide many interesting and useful information about Pat.

Early life

Pat was born in Jacksonville, Florida in 1934. He was the first child of Margaret and Archie Boone, soon after his birth, his family moved to Nashville, where he was raised. His childhood was happy, his parent provide him everything what one child would need in early life.

His mother was a real lady, she loved music and art, while she was the young woman she had numerous performances throughout the country, unfortunately music and art could not help her to maintain a successful and good life, for that reason she was looking for happiness in writing.

Margaret published two books that dealt with women’s topics. Her first book was about love, while in the second book she talked about the political situation and the position of women in society. Pat acknowledges that his mother was a fighter for women’s rights, she fought for the position of a woman, and wanted to establish equality between women and men.

His father was one step ahead of time, he had the perceptions of modern man, his thoughts were completely different from others, he had a lot of empathy and he paid attention to other people. Pat emphasizes that his father always supported his mother, he supported her attitudes and along with her struggled for a better future. Interestingly, his father had a lot of black friends, which was a big taboo theme in that period.

He was a psychologist, he had his private practice, and Pat says that he often did not charge his services. After the Second World War, many people needed help, especially psychological, his father engaged in humanitarian work at that time and helped other people.

Pat has a younger brother, who decided to dedicate his life to music, at the beginning of his career he sang pop music, and now he is engaged in church singing.

He finished David Lipscomb High School, after finishing High School, Pat moved to Chicago, where he wanted to finish College, but suddenly he fell in love, and he got married with Shirley Lee Foley.

Shirley was born in Chicago, she started her career as a musician, but she also was Television personality, she was a host in one Television Show, but she was less known to people than her husband.

They got married when Pat was 19 years old, and they have never broke up. Together Pat and Shirley had four daughters, unfortunately, Shirley died this year at her home in Beverly Hills.


Pat’s career started early, when he was just a teenager, he started career in music industry, and from the beginning he become very popular and successful. He was recording music for Dot Records, and for them he recorded song ‘Ain’t That a Shame’, this song was huge hit.

Soon after this record, Pat became one of the most wanted and popular musician in America, after hit song, Pat recorded his second track called ‘I Almost Lost My Mind’. After these popular tracks, Pat was hosted in many popular Television Talk Show.

We also must mention, that many of Pat’s hit songs were covered by black artist, some of these songs are:  “Tutti Frutti” and “Long Tall Sally”, “At My Front Door’, “I Almost Lost My Mind”, “I’ll be Home” and “Don’t Forbid Me”.

After this success, Pat opened record house ‘Lamb and Lion Records’, this label was a home of many famous artist, but in 1977 this label was closed.

Beside music, Pat was good actor, he often mentions that acting was the biggest love in his life, he was working for 20th Century Fox, this label was at the beginning of career, but Pat decided to work for them because their first movie with Elvis Presley achieved success.

Pat act in many movies some of them are: April Love, Home in Indiana, Mardi Gras, Journey to the Center of Earth, Salute to the Teenagers, State Fair, The Main Attraction, Goodbye Charlie, The Perils of Pauline, The Cross and the Switchblade etc.

In 1956, Pat was proclaimed for the most popular personality in the America. After successful acting career, Pat started his work as motivational speaker and writer.

Pat started his political campaign, he became a great activist, but his political attitudes were not successful, so his company did not find support for other people.

We have to note that many people criticized his engagement in politics, thought that his attitudes were bad, and that he was not a place in political debates and wars.

In addition to his interest in politics, music and acting, Pat had great interest in sports, his favorite sport was a basketball. In many interviews, Pat said that only basketball and music can relax him and help him get rid of stress and troubles.

Since his teenage years, Pat has been training basketball, but he has not achieved much success, so he has directed his career in other directions. In 1990, the Pat decided to listen to his dreams, and became the majority owner of the Oakland team. The team was called Oakland Oaks, despite great successes and good results, the team was in big financial trouble in 2000. Pot was forced to sell its part and he give up participation in this club.

His love for basketball has never ended, he regularly trains and he is a member of Virginia Creepers.

Personal life

During his best years, when he was at the height of his career, Pat had problems with alcohol and drugs. He started using drugs and alcohol when he was a teenage boy, he admitted that this was the biggest mistake in his life, but he didn’t want to give up from his passion. In one interview, Pat has admitted that in moment drugs almost cost him his marriage. Pat also says that his wife wanted to end up their marriage, unless he changed.

His wife did not want to continue life with him, and Pat got only one chance to change his life. In search for help, Pat found hope in church, after this he has become the member of local church. He donated a lot of money, and he helped his community to renovate this church.

During the 70’s, Path led the TV show, its show was very popular, and the guests who were present at these shows were well known to the public. One of his guests was Elvis Prisley and Frank Sinatra.

Quick summary

Full name: Charles Eugene “Pat” Boone

Nickname: Pat Boone

Date of birth: September 8th  1934

Age:  85

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Birthplace: Jacksonville, Florida,United States of America

Profession/Occupation: singer, songwriter, actor, speaker, basketball player and TV host

Net worth and salary: about $12 million

Height: 171 cm

Weight: 69

Marital status: Married

Children: four children