In this text, we will talk about a very well-known and controversial person. We will introduce you to the details of the life of an American TV person who has participated in many TV shows and programs.

We will talk about Farrah Abraham who gained her popularity when she was 16 years old. She is a very controversial personality, and she had a career in which she participated in various reality programs and where she tried as an actress.

In this text we will tell you about her life in her youth and many details about her life. If you are interested in this TV personality, then this text will surely interest you.

Farrah is a person who has a very rich career and she has appeared on TV many times. The audience met her when she was only 16 years old and appeared in the TV show “16 and Pregnant”. She became a mother at the age of 16 and decided to participate in this show to provide a good financial life.

This TV show celebrated her and after that, Farrah became popular across the United States. She also took part in the sequel to this TV show called “Teen Mom”. She also took part in the program “Big Brother” and in many different TV shows. Farrah has gained great popularity all over the world and has decided to try to deal with the acting. She appeared in several films, but also in adult films.

Early Years

Farrah Abraham was born on May 31, 1991. She was born in Omaha, Nebraska, USA and grew up with her parents and a sister. She showed good knowledge in elementary school in her youth and she thought that she would be a lawyer when she grew up. Her parents always gave her support and motivation to become a successful person.

Farrah started a love affair with Derek during the middle school and during the relationship she was pregnant with him. She got pregnant at only 16 years old and had to become a mother. She believed that this would destroy her youth and she was thinking of doing an abortion.

But with the help of parents and her friends, she decided to keep the child and become a mother. Farrah remained in love with Derek but it did not last long.

They broke up after 2 years of relationship and Farrah became a single mother. She decided to take part in the TV program “16 and Pregnant” and try to make money.

With the help of this TV show, she has managed to gain popularity and support throughout the United States. This show has improved her financial life and helped her to ensure a good life for her child. After completing this TV show, she received a call to take part in a new TV program called “Teen Mom”. She accepted the invitation and decided to participate. Farrah is a person who, as a minor, managed to become a mother and secure her financial life. That’s why many people gave her support and thought that she is a great fighter.

Farrah stated that her desire was to become a lawyer, but she was now very pleased with her life. She said that life had forced her to grow up early and that she had learned so many things in her life. She was always the person who tried and who had to make a career without the help of other people.


Farrah Abraham started her career in 2009 when she appeared in the TV program “16 and Pregnant”. Her decision to appear in this program brought her a lot of profit and popularity. She had to experience many obstacles and tasks in this TV program, but she succeeded in everything. Her career on TV began when she was only 16 and she became popular as a young girl.

After completing this TV program, she decided to take part in another program called “Teen Mom”. This TV program brought her much more popularity across the USA, but also around the world.

From 2012 to 2018, she participated in each season of this TV show. Every year the audience could meet her in different ways and many people gave her a lot of support. This TV show opened her door to many other TV programs such as Celebrity Big Brother, Marriage Boot Camp and MTV Singles AF, but also many others.

In addition to participating in these TV shows, Farrah tried to make music and released her album in 2012 called “My Teenage Dream Ended”.

Many people were surprised at her appearance in music and were not sure that she was talented for singing. She managed to sign a contract with a music house that made her profit of over $ 500,000.

This album was positively evaluated by the audience and many of its fans gave her support to continue this job. In the future, she did not engage in singing because she had many calls to participate in TV shows but also in films.

Celebrity Big Brother brought her much more popularity all over the world and she managed to enter the finale of this TV show. During 2014, Farrah again managed to surprise her audience and fans and filmed an adult movie called “Farrah Super Star: Backdoor Teen Mom”. Her audience was confused with this decision, but this film brought her popularity among other audiences.

This film brought her a huge profit and this film earned nearly 2 million dollars. This was another major step in her career, although she received a lot of condemnation from the audience. After this film, she continued to work in the porn industry and recorded another 5 films that have become very popular in the world. In this way she has managed to get a lot of fans around the world and she managed to make over $ 2 million.

In 2016, Farrah got a call to play in one action movie and she accepted the call. This film did not become popular around the world, but it brought positive comments and impressions from the audience. She has stated that she will also try to deal with acting in the future and to participate in many films. In 2017, Farrah appeared on TV many times and she was a guest in several famous TV shows. She also took part in the new TV program but decided to stop recording after 2 months for private reasons.

Many people did not know that Farrah was also very good at cooking. In 2011 she managed to get a culinary degree and proved she was talented for various types of work. She showed it during 2014 and 2015 when she participated in culinary TV shows.

At the end of 2017, she opened her YouTube channel where she recorded food preparation and gave various culinary tips to people. Her videos immediately gained popularity and many people began to follow her channel. This additional job brought her a lot more profits.

She also has become successful on the Internet and has become an Internet sensation. In her videos, she recorded the preparation of various dishes and gave tips on how to prepare food. In addition, she also recorded various videos in which she dealt with various topics. YouTube also made a lot of profits for her and she managed to secure her life with a lot of money. She continues to share footage on YouTube as well as other social networks.

Farrah is also very popular on Instagram and her profile is followed by more than a million people. In her photos, she advertises various products and brands, and it also gives her additional profit. It is believed that Farrah during her career earned a total of $ 3-4 million.

In an interview in 2018, she said that she would record another movie in 2019, in which she would play a secondary role. She also said that she will continue to record videos on YouTube and she will share some new projects for her audience and fans. Farrah has appeared on TV for last 10 years and has managed to get many fans around the world. She stated that her career for her has just begun and that we will continue to watch her on the TV in the future.

Personal Life

Farrah Abraham never covered the details of private life and here we will reveal some things about her that you may not know. Farrah was born in a happy family and grew up with her parents and her half-sister because her father had a child from a previous marriage. She always had a good relationship with a half-sister and she helped her when Farrah made a traffic incident in 2013.

She helped Farrah to not go to jail because she was driving in an alcoholic state. After this incident, Farrah publicly thanked her half-sister and said that she had always been her support and that she always helped her when it was needed. Farrah also had problems with the police several times but she never went to jail.

Farrah and her first boyfriend got a baby and that’s her only child. She and her boyfriend Derek had been in love relationship for over 2 years but then they broke up. She entered in the TV program “16 and Pregnant” and while she participated in this program, Derek had a traffic accident and died. She was much shaken and sad and decided to leave the TV program and take a break. She did not appear on TV for a year and said she needed time to recover.

She had to raise her child with the help of her mother and she succeeded in doing so. Her child is 10 years now and Farrah is trying to provide him with everything that he needs. She often travels and on her photos we can see that she enjoys life. She regularly shares photos from every trip and she informs her fans about her destinations.

She never married, but during 2012 and 2013 she had a love affair with two famous TV people. She does not like much to talk about her love life, but she says that she hopes that she will meet a man of her dreams during the next period.

In the interviews given by her parents and friends, Farrah was described as a person who is always ready to work hard and to fight for success and as a person who is very sincere and always says what she thinks.

Farrah currently lives in Austin, Texas with her daughter and on her photos we can see that they enjoy in life. She currently has no love partner and lives alone with her daughter.

Her daughter showed talent for music and singing, and Farrah thinks that her daughter will be able to succeed in that kind of art. Her daughter participated in music competitions for children and she showed a very good results. Farrah Abraham has plans to upgrade her acting career and believes that she will be able to achieve great success in the next two years.

She also stated that we might watch her in a new TV program that is being prepared in 2019. She stated that this TV program will gain great popularity across the USA and around the world.

Quick Summary

Full name: Farrah Abraham

Date of birth: May 31, 1991

Age: 28

Birthplace: Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Profession/Occupation: TV Personality, Actress

Net worth and salary: $3-4 million

Height: 166 cm

Weight: 57 kg