When he was still young, he had expressed his views openly regarding some sensitive issues and is no other than Cenk Uygur. Cenk Uygur is an American-Turkish activist, businessman, and political commentator.

He was the main force behind a political as well as socially liberal program, “The Young Turks” which was aired by the Sirius Satellite Radio. He also had a prolific experience of associate attorney before his political assignments. With his fearless moves and intense arguments with the flavor of satirical humor, he had won several hearts.

Being a true activist, he had definitely not bothered for his earnings. His engagements were not meant with average requirements of a common man. Still, he had earned through his online channels and with his appearances on various shows. His estimated net worth comes around in the rage of $3.5 Million.

Early Life

Cenk Kadir Uygur is a Turkish-American political commentator, activist, and businessman who born on 21stMarch 1970 in Istanbul, Turkey. He was raised at his childhood with the Muslim sentiments. He has a younger brother, Sedef Piker. When he was 8-years-old, his parents found Turkey unsafe, and they moved to the USA. He spent maximum time of his childhood in New Jersey.

In New Jersey, he was admitted to East Brunswick High School. His school days were a bit troubled as he got bullied there as he was Muslim. Fortunately, he also got several supportive friends. His experiences in school days shaped him up. Later, he was turned agonistic. Actually, the foundation of a strong activist was laid in those days in the heart of young Cenk.

To pursue his bachelor degree in management, Cenk Uygur went to Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. In college, he epitomized the Turkish Students Association. Though he was a management bachelor student, he chose law in his post-graduate course. He also did Juris Doctor Degree from Columbia High School.

He grabbed his very first job at the well-known law firm, Drinker Biddle, and Reath. It was in Washington DC. Later, he joined Hayes and Liebman in the New York City.

In his college days, he was a prolific speaker who openly conveyed his opinions on conservatism, feminism, abortion, affirmative action and soon became a progressive activist. While still on the campus of his college or law school he had fiercely reacted against the minority and Muslims oppression in the Gulfs.


Cenk was not very much keen on the collars of attorney was felt when his voice was heard at the weekend talk show. With the spirit of the attorney, he wanted to revolt for the mass. He started hosting on WWRC which is in Washington. His arguments were also aired on the WRKO radio station in Boston. He had also appeared on the \The Times’ a news show which appeared on WAMI TV.

As a political activist, Cenk Uygur began his career as a political activist and started writing columns in magazines and newspapers from his college days. He was a famous critic of prearranged spiritual groups and feminism and wrote articles on them. He was a regular writer for ‘The Daily Pennsylvanian.’ He never hesitates to write on controversial topics. Once he was all voice for the slaughter of Armenians with the belief that it was not at all genocide. Later, he regretted his decision of writing this article and admitted that he was not well aware of the fact.

Cenk had slowly moved out of the Republican as he failed to appreciate the Iraq attack. His voice was felt to be Progressive. On various issues, he started opposing Bush’s administration. He was particularly severe against the warrantless wiretapping, indefinite detention, and extraordinary rendition. He opined that waterboarding is no way a legal move. His voice is not confined to boundaries of a nation. Cent a strong critic of Benjamin Netanyahu the Israeli Prime Minister and his government particularly against the West Bank issue. Stephaen Harper, the Canadian Prime Minister, was highly criticized by Cenk.

It was 2002 when he formed ‘The Young Turks,’ the show, dedicated to political view and entertainment as well. Soon, the show became a huge hit as an online show and Cenk got the limelight. It was the first news show which has come up in the Internet videos. Presently, this show has somewhere more than 3 Million of subscriptions and more than 1 million views of the channel. You can also get the videos on the official website of the show. The show is available in the form of digital audio format on the net and is regularly streamed.

Cenk was a part of the MSNBC and got hired as the contributor and an additional anchor of the show in 2010. On January next year, he started hosting ‘MSNBC Live.’ The show was newly created for the prime time slot for the Eastern coverage. Later, he became the prime time show personality and continued working there over a year. Finally, he resigned the show by stating that the job was low profile.

In 2011, Cenk joined Current TV to create similar kind of show. This time, the name of the new show got a twisted name, ‘The Young Turks with Cenk Uygur.’ This show ran successfully for two years while the online show is still running.

Later, in 2011, he launched a long-term project, ‘The Wolf-Pack.’ This project happened when the Wall Street Movement was at its top. This project was dedicated to discussing the end of ‘Corporate Parenthood.’ The Wolf-PAC was meant to pass a resolution against the Article V of the Constitution. The lobby of legislators wanted to amend the US Constitution regarding election campaign.

As soon as Donald Trump became the President of the US, the next day Cenk pronounced the creation of democratic justice. Not only that, but he has also made the Democratic Party attentive towards a social and progressive democratic direction that was also supported by the US Senator, Bernie Sanders.

Awards and Achievements

Cenk Uygur is a prolific activist and got awards for his achievements in his span of a career. He has established several honors, like ‘Emperor Has No Clothes Award.’ It was awarded to him by the Freedom from Religion Foundation

Personal Life

Being born in a Muslim religious family, Cenk had been bringing up within a religious surrounding. His parentages were also religious. But, when he started to be an activist, he turned himself into strict agonistic personality. Though born and brought up with particular sentiments bur later has given his voice where ever he felt injustice. He also claims that he is a true atheist.

He was in a long-term relationship with his family counselor, Wendy Lang and they got married. In 2010, the couple had blessed with their first child, their son, Prometheus Maximus Uygur. Later, in 2012, Wendy delivered the second child, their daughter and they named her as Joy Helena Uygur.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Cenk Kadir Uygur

Date of Birth: 21stMarch 1970

Age: 47 Years

Birth Place: Turkey, Istanbul

Profession: Political activist and commentator, Columnist

Height: 5 feet 11 inches

Weight: 77kg

Net Worth: $3.5 Million