Marcus Lamb is an American televangelist and a president of the biggest American Christian televsion called Daystar Television Network which is one of the largest Christan networks today.

Early life:

Marcus Lamb was born on October 7, 1957 in Macon in Georgia in United States.

He grew up treasuring the Christian values and he regularly attended the East Macon Church. He found comfort and peace in Church even from an early age. Some people speculate that this may come from his parents since he has known a lot about his faith at a very young age, but there isn’t a lot of information about them and Marcus doesn’t talk about any of this.

At the age of five he was baptised and  became a Christian and as he grew older he continued going to church and started taking some work in the church as his comittment.

He was only fifteen years old when he started to preach and became an evangelist. He was a very interesting preacher and was very liked by the congregation. All of his listeners were always very active on his ceremonies and he loves to interact with people.

He hasn’t finished high school because he  skipped his last year and enrolled Lee College in Tennessee which is known as a Christian University. After three years attending classes in their School of Religion and learning about Ministries and Theology he graduated there in 1978. He received a full scholarship for this college and he graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Career development:

When he was 23, he met his wife Joni and founded his own church called “The Word of God Fellowship”. This church is the same one on which he based his Daystar Television Network.

When he was 25 years old, in 1982, just four years after graduation, he married Joni Trammell. She came from Greenville in South Carolina and was a very devoted girlfriend and a wife.

In 1983 he was on a trip in Israel and he stated that God has spoken to him and told him to start a Christian TV station when he comes back home.

They decided to continue their mission and his preaching so they continued their travel across the country as evangelists. He got a nickname  “Walking Bible” because he quoted many scriptures in his sermonts.

They taught gospel and Christian values in the Southeast of the state. Cleveland’s Church of God ordained Marcus to be a Bishop with the same church. That was a very important confirmation of his preaching skills and popularity.

In 1984 the Lamb family relocated to Montgomery in Alabama. There he began his WMCF-TV which he eventually sold to TBN or Trinity Broadcasting Network.

After the selling of the TBN station in 1990 the family relocated to Dallas in Texas and it took seven years for Marcus to launch his Daystar Network.

In 2003 Daystar Network had 40 stations and it’s own studio in Bedford and their business grew after they started to sel airtime to other evangelists,  and even Churches.

Marcus is the speaker, a host and a teacher on his network and besides this he regulary visits churches all over America.

His network is one of the biggest Christian TV networks on the planet. It consists of 90 stations and covers all USA and over a hundred other countries. He is very popular in USA and earns a lot of money in this way.

The network itself has an estimated value over $200 million and it’s raising very fast. The church gets a lot of money from the viewers and their donations.

In 2006, Daystar was chosen by Israel as the first Christian TV network to be broadcast there. This was a really big thing for him and it seems like he was very honored too.

Personal life:

Marcus and his wife Joni ( born Trammell) got married in 1982 after 2 years of dating. They live together in Dallas in Texas where they came together from Alabama in 1990.

They have three children together. They have one son named Jonathan and two daughters: Rachel and Rebecca.

In 2010 Lamb appeared on his own network to publicly admit that he had an extramarrital affair a few years ago and that, after his wife found out, they went to marrital councelors. They have chosen  Fred and Anna Kendall from ” Life Languages Institute” which is an Institute which is specialized in communication.

His wife found a way to forgive him and he took the complete responsibility for the  matter. He even confessed it to his wife’s parents in order to help his wife to heal.

The Lambs decided to go out with this information because they were blackmailed by three women that they will reveal their secret if they don’t pay the $7,5 million they ask for it. This was a huge scandal and it ruined his reputation.

They didn’t want to pay so they went public. They raised civil suits against these three women who are now their former employees. The media made a hig fuss ahout it.

The same employees sued Daystar and Marcus for getting fired from their jobs.

Joni and Marcus appeared after that in many shows, such as Dr.Phil, saying that they wanna help other people in their marriages with their example and experience. This is also one of the ways of making a big adience. Dr. Phil is a very popular show.

Quick summary

Full name:  Marcus Lamb

Date of birth: October 7, 1957

Birthplace: Cordele, Georgia, United States

Age: 60

Profession: televangelist, minister

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $10 million