Chris Webby is an American rapper had gained reasonable popularity while the rapping world is infested with numerous big names of high repute. In his musical effort, he has come up with various mixtapes which are well appreciated by the audience.

In his musical endeavor, the rapper had come across many eminent artists while creating and collaborating music on the American soil. By providing their adherence to him Mac Miller, Prodigy, Freeway, Kind Ink like musicians had shown the efficacy of the rapper.

The artist had impressed the music world with his hit songs one after the other as “Skyline,” “What I Do,” “A.D. (Roll A Doobie),” “Bad Guy,” “Do Like Me,” “Bounce” and more. So far he had released three albums and got his tracks recorded in various recording companies.

He had also gone for many tours around several places. The success in today’s world can be well judged by the earning of an individual, and in this regard also the rapper had earned quite nicely to pile up his net worth to an estimation of 1 million dollar, which is quite justifiable for any musical career.

Early life

Christian Webster earned a stage name as Chris Webby and was born on 13th October 1988 in Norwalk, Connecticut, United States of America. He was born to a middle-class family as the only child of his parents.

Although we do not know his mother’s name, it is known that she used to teach at Nathan Hale Middle School. On the other hand, his father Dave Webster was a guitarist in some local rock band. Chris holds the American nationality and belongs to the white ethnicity. Chris was taken to a private institution Green Farms Academy for his primary education. He grew up in his native place Norwalk. He graduated from Green Farm Academy.

From the very early childhood he was inclined to music, and with his growing age and with getting influenced by the tonal texture of prominent artist Eminem and Dr. Dre started listening raps. He also inculcated the habit of writing his lyrics which had helped him in later days. He was writing songs on the stage of Vindictive. In the meantime, the rapper shifted to Long Island and got into Hofstra University in New York to complete his education.

Perhaps in his upbringing, the parents have not shown enough interest and for a reason, Chris while going through his teenage got into some unruly youth group. Consequently, his education suffered and the matter got worsened when because of a robbery and the arrest he was rusticated from the university. Seeing no other future ahead he was left with only option to make a serious effort in the rapping world in pursuing a satisfying career ahead.


Chris took rapping seriously and given his best effort to cater the music enthusiasts. On 30th April 2009, Chris came out “The White Noise,” which was his first mixtape. Gradually with the release of the mixtape, Chris gain reasonable popularity which encouraged the artist to grow further and get height in the world of music. The mixtape consists of a track with the initial as “La La La” which earned enough fame for the rapper.

After few months in, he began composing his second mixtape and then released “Teenage Mutant Ninja Rapper” in September. A reasonable response from the admirer of music encouraged him to go for another release. At the beginning of the next year, Chris came out with yet another mixtape, this time titled “Optimus Rhyme.” Although the rapper was putting all his labor for some wide appreciation to make a strong foothold in the rapping industry, still he was not getting the real chance for an ideal opening. He has only released some mixtapes but failing to create an album in his favor.

Step by step man proceeds and one day fortune widens the doorway of the destiny. The same thing happened with Chris Webby, his determination and perseverance bring out the opening that he was looking for these days. In 2011 he settled to make a real breakthrough and earn a respectable position on the mainstream scenario. He released his much-awaited EP; his debut album was titled as “There Goes Neighborhood.” Although on the prestigious Billboard 200 the album does not make any remarkable declaration of successful endeavor with 101st rank on the US Top Rap Album chart, the released got into the top 10 list with the 8th ranking. The inquiry for the album might not satisfy his producer but is quite convincing for the listener with more than 30 thousand copies sold. Gradually he gained increasing popularity for more entries in college alumnae programs and other high publicized orchestra nights.

After the satisfactory release of “There Goes Neighborhood” Chris musical journey has got a smooth road ahead. But the artist endured the urge of catering with some more powerful raps, and the major labels were still speculative about his possible stance in the music world. A good offer reached as Entertainment One approached Chris for some release in 2013. After the contract with the label, Chris came out with an EP titled “Homegrown.” Even it was tough for the artist himself to believe the outcome. On the iTunes, the EP reached the 2nd rank in the hip-hop segments. If anyone was ahead of him, it was his idol, Eminem.

After this, there is no look behind. In 2014 Chris released his first full-length album titled “Chemically Imbalance.” The effort was recognized on the Billboard 200 at #25 on the chart. The success was repeated on each release as he comes up with several mixtapes.

In 2010 he released two mixtapes titled “Best of the Burbs” and Underclassmen.” Then in 2011, he brought out “Webster’s Laboratory” followed by “Bars on Me” in 2012. Another remarkable release came when he voiced “The Check Up” in 2014 which was appreciated by the downloader more than 100,000 times.

Personal life

There are some gossips about his relationship with some personalities as Laura Govan, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Ananda Lewis but till date, there has not been any declaration from anyone. Though he perhaps does not get any real interest in growing any relation, the rapper accepts his addiction towards Adderall. Rather he had opined that it helps him to concentrate on his endeavor.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Christian Webster

Date of Birth: 13th October 1988

Birth Place: Norwalk, Connecticut, United States of America

Age: 30 Year Old

Profession: Rapper

Height: 5 Feet 11 Inch (Approx)

Weight: NA

Net worth: $1 Million