Joey Badass is an acclaimed American singer and actor who is a part of the hip-hop culture in America.

Early Life

Joey Badass was born as Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott on the 20th of January 1995 in the USA and belongs from a Caribbean family. The roots of his family were in the St Lucia, Caribbean where his mother’s family belonged for. His father, on the other hand, has a Jamaican heritage. Born in Brooklyn, East Flatbush section of New York, he was brought in Bed-Stuy, he went to Edward R. Murrow High School. His first choice was to be an actor, and he enrolled for that course, but soon in the 9th grade, he found his talent in music which leaned towards rapping.

He started with the name of “JayOhVee,” but later he decided on the name Joey Badass. Badass chose his name on its cool quotient as the music world is filled with rappers with quirky names. He says to have begun writing poetry from the very small age, somewhere 11. He has been the joint founding member of the Progressive Era which Joey formed when he was in high school.

Joey has stated that his musical career has been influenced by eminent stars like MF Doom, Tupac, Nas, etc. and also because of his mother who introduced all kinds of music to him without discrimination.


Joey Badass was an enthusiast on music from his early days. He first got famous when he released his first solo mixtape ‘1999’ at just the age of 17. He began with music that has nostalgia in it but soon became a revolution in the hip-hop culture with his young ideas and motives. But before that, he used to upload freestyle YouTube videos which made people notice him. His debut mixtape soon made his style clear which would be the underground scene. The mixtape got good reviews and was given the 38th best mixtape by Complex Magazine of the year 2012. In the very same year, the mixtape ‘Rejex’ was released containing the songs that weren’t included in ‘1999’.

He got quite well-known and renowned rappers wanted to collaborate with this young star. Mac Miller contacted him through twitter for a collaboration which happened in the song called “America” from the ‘Macadelic’ mixtape. The Smoker’s Club’s One Hazy Summer Tour in 2012 was bejeweled with the young Joey Badass, and Juicy J and Pro Era has a performance in it. He did a 30-date tour in 2012 and also released mixtapes for Pro Era in 2012 mainly ‘P.E.E.P: The Apocalypse.’

At the end of 2012, he released some songs like “Enter the Void” and “Waves” with Ab-Soul, and they were sponsored by Lee Bannon. His second mixtape was called ‘Summer Knights,’ and the first single he released was called “Unorthodox” on 14th January 2013. In February, he also released “Underground Airplay,” a music video featuring Smoke DZA and Big K.R.I.T., and it got featured in ‘Eckō Unltd.’ The mixtape is increasing his popularity.

He soon released a mixtape called ‘Summer Knights EP’ in which 4 songs were taken from the former mixtape and three brand new songs along with a remix. This mixtape gave him the 48th position on the US Billboard under the chart of Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums.

He started to polish his acting career, and in 2014 he made an appearance in the short film of quasi-autobiographical which was named ‘No Regrets’ which was directed by Rik Cordero. Joey Badass was quite open about his desire to act and that it was his childhood dream to become an actor.

His debut album called “Big Dusty,” was released in the year and it had singles like ‘Christ Consciousness,’ ‘Curry Chicken’ and ‘No. 99’. He soon became a part of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon which meant he had recognition in the music world and soon he released his album ‘B4.DA. $$’ which was a huge success.

In 2016, he appeared in the 2nd season of one of the most acclaimed TV shows ‘Mr. Robot’ and also released a single ‘Devastated.’ On January 2017, he started out with releasing ‘Land of the free’ and also announced that he would release “All-Amerikkkan Bada$$” album this year. He notified his fans also about Everybody’s tour as the release of Logic’s third album.

The independent hip hop artist and the co-founder of Pro Era have been in the music industry from 2012, and he has got quite a lot of success. He has toured considerably and has released his albums and mixtapes to anticipating fans.

He earns way above $500,000 right now, and with the upcoming album, it is estimated that it will increase considerably in the following months. He earns more than $70,000 just from the ads, endorsements, and sponsorships that he does. The revolutionary rapper is fond of cars, and he is seen with his possessed collection, and he states his love for vintage cars. He loves to read and has never flaunted his money in front of his fans.

Personal Life

Joey likes to keep his personal life a secret life, and nothing could really be availed about his personal life, but to keep in touch with his fans, he stays active in his social media profiles.

He has successfully set up social media profiles where his fans can follow him, and it tells all about his life. He is quite active on twitter, and it can be seen with the recent commotion with Troy Ave, but it didn’t affect him much.

He has over 1.2 million followers on Instagram, and it is filled with titbits from his life. He shares his journey with music and also his new findings. His profile is minimalistic and says a lot about his tastes. He dearly loves his friends and family and shows love to them through his social media accounts. His YouTube channel Pro Era has about 500,000 subscribers, and each video has over 5 million views.

Quick Summary

Full name: Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott aka Joey Badass

Date of birth: 20th January 1995

Birth place: Brooklyn, New York, USA

Age: 22

Profession: American Hip-hop artist and Actor

Height:6 ft. 2 inches

Weight: 80 Kgs

Net worth: Estimated worth $4 million