Chevy Woods is active in the rap world since the year 2006. He has come up with several mixtapes namely “Gangland” and worked in collaboration with Wiz Khalifa, who is the maker of rappers and considered the God of rap music.

He has also gone for agreeing with the prestigious label “Taylor Gang” and had made immense financial resource by making the releases one after the other. The rapper has given way to numerous endorsement deals and advertisements and has gathered a net worth estimated somewhere around an estimation 500,000 dollars.  Some net worth evaluators justify that his net worth is about $ 1 million, so it has kept still under review.

Early Life

Kevin Woods is the birth name of Chevy Woods. He was formerly known as Kev Tha Hustla. Chevy was born on 13th May 1981 at city Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, United States of America. He never thought during his early days that he would go for a rap music career. He was quite sincere with athletics, and during his school days, he used to participate in the school athletic events that were organized.

He never changed his mind until he reached college. He has interest in rap though from his early days but never thought that he would think one day to make it a career.  While he was a mere child, he often used to get hold of the base instruments and made raps along with his friends.

He was quite good at making the background music that enhanced the wholesomeness of the musical endeavor.

He got graduated from the local High School in Pittsburg and then got himself enrolled in Robert Morris University under the category of athletes. During his college days, Chevy started concentrating on rap music and decided to proceed in his career with rap.  He became quite serious about rap and ultimately reached his destination when he came in contact with some of the legendary rappers whose advices are of immense importance. He started getting away from studies and give more efforts in making some of the beautiful lyrics.  He met a talented musician who promised to support him for releasing his mixtapes.  He started making his brand name and get famous day by day under the stage name Kev Tha Hustla.


Chevy came up with his first mixtape release “Corner’s Correspondent” in the year 2008. It was during his college days, he met Wiz Khalifa in his visit to I. D Labs and thought of forming collaboration. In the year 2008, the duo came up with a joint effort ultimately forming the group “Taylor Gang.” He came up with three mixtapes releases that very year titled “Animal” in the year 2009, “Pilot Shift” in the year 2010 and finally the breathtaking mixtape “Corner’s Correspondent” in 2008.

He has also worked with Khalifa in various mixtapes some of which are the best out of the lot titled “The Cookout.” Thus very mixtape was released in the year 2011 and had eight out eleven soundtracks sung by Chevy Woods. The releasing of the mixtapes brought about great success and received positive reviews all around the globe. Just with the arrival of the year 2013, Chevy accompanied Khalifa in the tour that he made for promoting the new release of the fabulous album “Rolling Papers.”  Chevy accompanied him as his hype man. His extraordinary exclamation and fabulous word select made Khalifa’s audience get filled with passion and excitement.

He came up with his debut retail solo release in the year 2015 titled “The 48 Hunnid Project” that was a massive smash hit. Soon he started releasing some of the extraordinary mixtape solo number “Gangland.”  It was terrific hit release, and presently, the rapper is happy to work with prestigious labels Heavy Hustle Records and Taylor Gang Atlantic.

Personal Life

Chevy is a very private person, and there is no record of his relationship status. He is most probably single and in associated with the labels and has devoted himself to promoting his mixtape releases.

Quick Summary:

Full Name: Kevin Woods, formerly known as Kev Tha Hustla

Date of Birth: 13th May 1981

Birth Place: Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Age: 37 Years Old

Profession: Rapper, Hypeman

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $1 Million (Under Review)