Christian Guzman is an online fitness trainer and a model who hails from Texas, USA.  Christian Guzman runs an online fitness store named as

He has an estimated net worth of $550,000. He is a fitness guru who focuses on fitness programs in You Tube. He is a successful be business man who founded the CGFITNESS gym.

He was born on 20 February 1993 in United States. Christian Guzman used his subscribers and followers in the social media for the marketing of his products online.

His online business store Alphalete Athletics, brings a major increase in his net worth through subscribers. Alphalete Athletics provides a wide range of workout clothes for both men and women.

Christian Guzman opened his first You Tube channel in the year March 2012 named as “Intro To Channel (Natural Bodybuilding Christian Guzman)”. He is known for his Account in You Tube named as Christianguzmanfitne.

Some of his most popular videos include the Arm Workout Revealed: Natural Teen Bodybuilder and The Breakup: My side of story, which was released after break up with his girlfriend Nikki Blackketter. The Arm Workout Revealed: Natural Teen Bodybuilder has earned him more than 1 million views.

Another factor which had led to the great success of the fitness guru Christian Guzman is his voice. In his videos he speaks to his customers that he has got all the time in this world to answer the questions from his clients.

Guzman provides online training classes for his subscribers helping them to achieve the body they dream of. He also provides his customers with customized meal options which help them to achieve their target of a healthy and fit body. He offers a package of 60 days which costs about $ 199.

The online clothing sale of Alphalete Athletics includes leggings for women that are highly stylish as well as Joggers. For men he has tank tops which are paneled.

The workout leggings for women are highly fashionable and include the ¾ length, a V shaped cut and a high waist sexy band.

Thus Guzman has tactically introduced a sensible way of selling his products online along with educating his subscribers and followers about staying fit and fine with a great body.

His business tactics has made him evolve as a successful entrepreneur.

In the year 2015, September, he associated with Steve Cook and posted a video named A Day in The Life With Christian Guzman and Steve Cook.

Quick summary:

Full name: Christian Guzman

Date of birth: 20 February 1993

Birth place: Texas, USA

Age: 23 years

Profession: Online fitness trainer

Height: 5’9”

Weight:169 lbs

Net worth: $550,000

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