MattyBRaps is an American singer, song writer and a teenage rapper. Approximate estimated noteworthy of MattyBRaps is $1.5million.

MattyBRaps was born on 06, January 2003. His full name is Matthew David Morris.

He has made huge money in his age through the online advertisements. He does the remixing of various songs sung by the artists and posts those on his channels in the You Tube. In the year 2010, he has posted his first remix song.

He is also known as MattyB.  MattyBRaps or MattyB is his stage name.

He hails from Duluth, Georgia. Tawny and Blake Morris are his parents.  He has one sister and two brothers. His sister is Sarah Grace. He is currently studying in the middle school.

Mathew started his singing career at the age of 7.He has about 4.5 million subscribers for his You Tube Channels.

He has also made his appearance on the TV shows several times.  He should be highly appreciated for balancing his work and studies.

By the year 2015, MattyBRaps managed to become a young media celebrity in the mainstream. In his young age, balancing his studies, MattyBRaps travelled across the whole of America performing in his concerts.

He is also getting a handsome amount of money through the sale of tickets for his concerts.  He was also successful in releasing about 20 original songs as well as about 100s of cover versions.

He has remixed the songs of Taylor Swift, The Black Eyed Peace, Cher Lyold, Justin Bieber and many others.

He has also successfully appeared in many TV shows which include Dance Moms, The Wendy Williams Show, Dr. Phil Show, EXTRA, The Queen Latifah Show, Good Morning America as well as The Today Show.

Famous songs of Mathew are You Make My Heart Skip and That Girl is Mine. His favourite singer is Michael Jackson.

He was ranked as # 19 out of the top 21 in the under 21 category by the Billboard Magazine in the year 2013 for his musical video That’s the way. This has in turn doubled the number of followers for him in all the social media sites.

He is currently working for the promotion of his book, That’s a Rap.  The book is expected to be released on 7 June 2016. He has a hip hopper in his collection of songs which is greatly inspiring the kids which conveys a message to follow their dreams.

Quick summary:

Full name: Matthew David Morris

Date of birth: 06, January 2003

Birth place: Duluth, Georgia


Profession: singer, song writer and a teenage rapper

Height: 1.6 m

Weight: 95 lbs

Net worth: $1.5million

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