Dom Mazzetti is a fictional character that was created by Mike Tornabene in 2011. The character is also known by his nicknames „Brofessor“ and „Bro Science Guy“.

Dom Mazzeti is half-Italian and half-American student who talks about things such as college, fitness and women.

Early years

Mike was born in May in 1989 in New York, United States. When Mike was only 8 years old, he and his friend Gian Hunjan started writing their own comedy scripts. They both have an awesome sense of humour and they connected really fast.

They did all kinds of TV sketches and comedy screenplays in the next two years. After that, they started to upload their series on the internet.

Mike’s character of Dom Mazzetti became known very widely, and is famous on the internet. A lot of people are entertained by this funny character.

Mike started to get interested in comedy when he was in 2nd grade. He went to North Hunterdon High School in New Jersey where he was considered to be a class comedian.

During his education he met Gian Hunjan. Gian is a co-creator of the Dom Mazzetti channel and his best friend since they were kids.

Two of them instantly became friends and started doing comedy. They started writing humorous scripts and acting their own sketches.

In their senior year in High School they both worked in a restaurant, where they entertained other employees with their comedy pieces. Mike stated that they started their first true comedy partnership in that restaurant.

Mike went to college, he attended New York University, and all throughout his college years, Gian and him continued to write TV scripts and pursue their passion for comedy.

Mike says that they did most of the work through video chats on their computers.

Mike stated that he spent a lot of time partying in his college years and that he got a lot of inspiration for his sketches that way.

When they were in their senior year of college, Gian and Mike decided to launch their first comedy show. It was made out of their comedy sketches they uploaded online.

They got very good and positive feedback on the videos, but they had only few regular watchers that follow them on the internet. That wasn’t enough to make them a legitimate business out of comedy.

Although the videos haven’t gotten them that much fame, Mike was very ambitious about still pursueing comedy. He was determined to become succesful in it.

In the summer of 2010, he and Gian started posting a lot of flyers all over the city. They were willing to do any job. They both had a big dream of becoming actors.

They did quite a few jobs they found a bit wierd. They pick uped an autistic kid from a camp and they would take him on trips, etc.

Although Mike was doing all sorts of jobs, he found time to pursue his another passion, fitness. He studied for a personal trainer certification.

He thought if he get the certification he could work in a gym in his city, and could make enough money to start acting and pursueing his dream of becoming an actor.

Career development

Until the end of 2010, Mike has created an interesting character, Dom Mazzetti. Dom Mazzetti was imagined as a dumb, middle-aged guy from Italy.

Initially they wanted to use the character of Dom Mazzeti in their cooking series but they never made it.

In 2011, the two of them got an idea to use their character of Dom Mazzeti in their another sketch. The sketch was about an UPS bomb scare. They thought it would be amusing to use their character of Dom in one of the interviews in the sketch.

They wanted to satirize the entire process of treating a bomb scare.

The video got a great feedback. Because of that feedback they started using Dom Mazzetti in their other videos.

With every sketch, a character of Dom Mazzetti became more and more famous online.

After some time, the videos that starred Dom Mazzetti were going viral so much that they both decided that it was smart to use only the character of Dom Mazzeti in their videos.

Mike decided that he would upload fitness and college life videos that were mocking the “bro-science in fitness.” He used his character Dom Mazzetti for that purpose.

Those videos were extremely successful and were more famous than any videos he has ever done before.

Mike’s fame grew through the years and he became a really influencial internet star all over the world.

Personal life

Except for comedy, Mike is also very passionate for fitness. He is a regular at the gym and stays in good shape for his videos.

Mike sometimes films his workouts with many popular internet stars and fitness icons like Bradley Martyn.

Mike stated that he was training at the gym since he was 14 years old and has developed many of his own techniques he uses to stay in such a good shape.

Mike is in a relationship with Leah Marie Deming. She is a graphic designer and is a freelancer and she sometimes shows up in his videos.

They love to travel together and she is a very big support to Mike in all his enterprises. They plan to get married in the near future.

Quick summary

Full name: Mike Tornabene aka Dom Mazetti

Date of birth: May, 1989

Birthplace: New York, United States

Age: 29

Profession: comedian, Youtuber, influencer

Height: 185 cm

Weight:  NA

Net Worth: $1 million