Clint Walker is an actor and singer. His most famous work was in the role of a cowboy Cheyenne Bodie in the television series Cheyenne. Clint is credited with bringing the Western Craze on television.

He has also acted in many movies like The Yellowstone Kelly, None but the Brave, Maya, Hysterical, etc. His contribution to the world of films and television is really a lot. Clint Walker also served his country during the World War II by working for the United States Merchant Marine.

Early Life

Clint Walker was born as Norman Eugene Clint Walker on 5th May 1927 in Hartford Illinois. His parents were Gladys Huldah (née Schwanda) and Paul Arnold Walker. Clint also has a twin sister whose name is Lucy.Clint’s childhood was a difficult one as he had to survive in the times of The Great Depression.


From a very young age only Clint wanted to serve his country, and as a result, he joined the United States Merchant Marine during the last few months of World War II. He joined the Merchant Marines at only 17 years of age. In the Merchant Marines, Clint was stationed on a transport ship that went to North Africa and the Aleutian Islands to supply grains to the troops positioned there.

After the World War II was over, Walker had to go back to doing odd jobs. At first, Clint started working in the oil fields in Brownwood Texas. Then Walker worked as a carpenter in California. While in California, Clint also worked as a bouncer in a club and also as an undercover agent for a private detective agency.

After some time, Walker started as a doorman in Sand Hotels, Las Vegas. While doing this job, Clint met many celebrities from whom he got inspired and decided to give a shot to acting. Henry Wilson first cast Clint in the film Jungle Gents in a Tarzan like character. Henry also renamed Clint as Jett Norman.

Walker was then cast in Ten Commandments by Cecil B. DeMille. It was after this film that Clint got a little bit of popularity, and people started noticing him. Around this time, Warner Bros were looking for the lead cast of their new western style television series Cheyenne. Walker went and auditioned for the role and was chosen for the role. Clint’s physical appearance helped him a lot in getting this role.

The series got huge popularity not only for the story or acting skills of the actors, but Clint’s frequent bare-chested scenes also helped in this matter. In Cheyenne, Clint also got a chance to display his singing skills. And this led to Warner Bros producing an album with Clint in whom he sang ballads and traditional songs.

Clint then starred in many movies like The Dirty Dozen, Gold of the Seven Saints, Yellowstone Kelly, Send Me No Flowers, None But The Brave, More Dead Than Alive, etc.Along with acting in movies, Clint also continued to make appearances in television movies and series in Snowbeast, The Lucy Show, The Bounty Man and Yuma. Clint also acted in another television series called Kodiak.

In 1971, Clint met with an accident. A ski pole pierced Clint’s heart while he was enjoying skiing at Mammoth Mountain, California. Walker was pronounced dead when taken to the hospital. But soon a doctored noticed some signs of life in him and he was immediately operated to repair his heart.

Clint recovered only in a short period of two months and started shooting for another western Pancho Villa, in Spain. Walker was also associated with projects like The Gambler Returns and a Kung-Fu episode. And also did a voiceover for Small Soldiers.

Personal Life

Clint first got married in 1948 to Verna Garver. They had a daughter together in 1950, Valerie, who became the first-ever female airline pilot. The marriage did not last long, and the couple got divorced in 1968. Walker got married to Giselle Hennesy in 1974. Unfortunately, Giselle died in 1194 and Clint was left alone.

Clint got married for the third time to Susan Cavallari in 1997. They are still married and happily living together.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Norman Eugene Clint Walker

Date of Birth: 30 May 1927

Birth Place: Hartford, Illinois, United States

Profession: Actor, Singer

Age: 90 years

Height: 6.6.”

Weight – NA

Net Worth: Unknown