The five twinkling stars wanted a place in the earth, and she offered her womb for a supreme reception. Almost a fairy tale story the mother is Danielle Busby and the five stars are Ava, Hazel, Parker, Riley, and Olivia.

She is just not a simple normal mother as we know rather very unusual and extraordinary mother. The famous family of Quintuplets is parented by Adam Matthew Busby who is the father and Danielle Michelle Busby who is delivering the role of the mother.

It is not possible that she was not aware of their arrival and already being blessed earlier when she gave birth to Blayke. Notwithstanding any hazard related to such attempt, she didn’t care for her life and allowed her babies to come into life on the green grass under the blue sky. “OutDaughtered” introduced this mother to the rest of the world through the much-wanted television channel TLC. The accumulated net worth of this mother is estimated to be in the range of $300 thousand dollars.

Early life

Danielle Busby was born in Louisiana on 23rd December 1983. The lady who has become a reality star with the featuring of “OutDaughtered” has a Capricorn zodiac sign and white ethnicity. With her siblings Ashley and Crystal, she grew up in Louisiana. Danielle’s family had a tradition of being blessed by more than one child at their birth. As Danielle‘s mother Michelle Mill has given birth to the twin sisters Ashley and Crystal, who had also visited the show in which their elder sister is the real star.

Her mother is also called as Mimi, and the mother of Quintuplets Danielle along with her twin sister is named as Didi, Kiki, and Lili.

Danielle met Adam first in Target in 2003. Target is a company where both were working. The couple started loving each other, and they dated for two years. The pair decided not to part anymore and got married at Louisiana on 22nd June 2006. Danielle along with her husband left Lake Charles, Louisiana and started living in Houston, Texas, United States. Before the birth of Quintuplets, they were busy caring their elder daughter Blayke.


After 1969 Danielle is the first mother who had given birth to all girl child as quintuplets. Further Danielle who has become famous overnight is the only American mother to be blessed by all-girls quintuplets. The members of the Quintuplets are Ava, Hazel, Parker, Riley, and Olivia. Among the quintuplets Ava and Olivia are identical twins and Riley, Hazel and Parker are the fraternal sisters.

It might be funny, but the life was not that easy for the couple. The low sperm count of Adams denied the chances of conceiving even after some period. The ovulation of Danielle also lacked the regularity. The couple were tensed and passed some hard days with initial infertility. The doctors were trying their level best to keep the morals high. The couple should not lose hope. Costly two years passed in their medical diagnosis.

As a one must not lose trust, they also keep on trying as any couple wanted to be the parent would give. The doctor applied IUI and Danielle conceived. She became pregnant with a girl growing in her womb. A girl child was born, and Danielle and Adam happily named her Blayke. One year passed, and Adam wanted to grow his family further.

Both of them were worried. They have experienced some lengthy and tedious medical procedures already in their first issue. This time the destiny had some other intention. Danielle got pregnant after few months of medical interventions. The doctors reported them something extraordinary for which the parents were not prepared at all. Danielle had a very high level of HCG, and upon ultrasound, the doctors figured that five lives are developing in the mother‘s womb. It is Quintuplets.

Ask any mother she would explain how it was difficult to bear the future. What would Danielle say? The whole process was risky and complicated as well. As directed the mother had to take 4500 calories of diet regularly and follow other instructions as specified by the medical service provider. Finally, the babies came out crying one after the other to make their mummy and daddy happy.

The whole story of this phenomenal motherhood has been covered by TLC in the series “Outdaughtered” which was first telecasted on May 2016. In November 2016 the world had watched its second season, and in January 2017 the third session came up. In the whole series, the family had explained the entire story. The story began from the troubled days of infertility to the recent growth of Quintuplets with their elder sister.

Personal life

Unlike all other, the whole personal story has come up to the world. So nothing personal remains with the lady. After marriage, she worked in a one petrochemical company with her husband to meet the expense of life.

Now Danielle is just not a full-time mother rather along with this really tough motherhood of toddler Quintuplets and a girl of six she also engages herself in freelancing beautician. Beauty does not reflect through the skin alone rather it is oozing from her sense of earnest responsibility for the family.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Danielle Busby

Date of Birth: 23rd December 1983

Birth Place: Lake Charles, Louisiana, Los Angeles, United States of America

Age: 34 Years

Profession: Motherhood is definitely not a profession

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net worth: $300,000