Dave Carraro is a famous reality television star. He is one amongst the cast of the series Wicked Tuna. This series is broadcasted in the National Geographic Channel. His vessel is FV-Tuna.com.

The ship has one of the most catches in the third season of the series and it is pretty much in a higher position in comparison with other ships competing in the reality series.

The total estimated net worth of Dave Carraro is about 6,000,000 dollars.

Dave Carraro has about thirty years of experience in the fishing field. He has been fishing in the areas like Bahamas, Mexico as well as the East Coast.

He has the license for fish hunting, USCG 100-ton Masters License.

He has targeted the Bluefin Tuna now. As per the records, Bluefin Tuna has great and tasty meat as well as it grows up to the weight of about 1 metric ton.

He entered the world of fish hunting at the young age of seven years.

The  hunting of the fish, Bluefin Tuna is bit challenging in the United States as we have lots of restrictions on hunting the fish.  Only one line with a single hook can be used for catching the fish. Only one fish can be caught at a time.

The fun part of the whole story is that even though Dave Carraro is a talented and famous fish hunter, he never eats seafood.

Wicked Tuna is National Geographic Channel’s one of the most viewed reality series which is about the success of various fishing vessels. Paul Hebert and Sandro Maniaci were the crew members of his vessel, FV-Tuna.com.

The Wicked Tuna has completed four successful seasons and now it is happily running in the fifth season full swing. The viewers will get to see more and more stunning and thrilling performances from Dave Carraro and his crew through Wicked Tuna.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Dave Carraro

Date of birth: Unknown

Birth place: Unknown

Age: 52 Years

Profession: Reality Television Star

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Net worth: 6,000,000 dollars