One of the hottest Hollywood women of the 90s, Linda Hamilton is best known for her stunning performance of Sarah Connor in movies of the “Terminator” franchise, starring alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Athletic, attractive and lovable Linda is certainly one of the most favorite movie heroines of all times.

Apart from her action heroine role, Linda appeared in several different blockbusters, earning great admiration of Hollywood world and audiences around the planet.

Linda Hamilton had a typical Anglo-Saxon childhood. She was born in Salisbury, Maryland, September 26th. Her father died in a car accident when Linda and her twin sister were only five of age.

Linda regularly finished her primary and high school, starring in local children theatre groups and developing her love for stage and acting skills.

She attended dramatic lessons while in college and started to get some minor roles in low budget movies.

In the early 80s, Hamilton appeared in television shows “Secrets of Midland Heights” and “King’s Crossing”.

Agile and beautiful Linda made her movie career breakthrough with “Children of the Corn” and “Terminator” movies.

She also made noticeable performances in “Black Moon Rising” and television series “Murder She Wrote” and “Beauty and the Beast”.  She also proved her amazing acting skills in drama “A Mother’s Prayer”, getting a Cable ACE award for best dramatic performance.

Linda has earned planetary fame for her overall performance in “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”.

She earned great appreciation for the movie, receiving MTV Awards for best female performance and most desirable actress. She was even titled “body of the nineties” and one of the 50 most beautiful people of the world.

The stunning Hollywood heroine made a major success in “Dante’s Peak” blockbuster, receiving a blockbuster Entertainment Award.

The movie itself has earned an incredible sum of $180 million. Linda Hamilton didn’t lag behind other Hollywood stars, in terms of marriages and love life.

She was married to actor Bruce Abott and director James Cameron, but both of marriages have ended. Linda confessed she was difficult to deal with, as a person suffering from bipolar personality disorder. Hamilton has two children, one from each of her marriages.

Linda is one of the real estate players, just as other Hollywood celebrities. A couple of years ago, she sold her Malibu luxury villa for nearly $5.5 millions. Earlier she also profited from her separation from James Cameron.

Their divorce process in 1999 ended up with a $50 million settlement.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Linda Carroll Hamilton

Date of Birth: September 26th 1956

Birth Place: Salisbury, Maryland, United States

Age: 63

Profession: Actress, voice actress

Height: 5ft 6in (1.68 m)

Weight: 58 kg

Net Worth: $70 million