Parker Schnabel is an American reality TV star and gold miner. We got to know his from the very popular TV show Gold Rush. E

ven though he is very young and works on one of the most difficult and most dangerous jobs, his estimated net worth is around 1$ million.

Early life

Parker Schnabel was born on July 22, 1994 in Haines, Alaska. He grew up in Porcupine Creek and had a bit different childhood than most of his peers. Even as a young boy, Parker enjoyed spending time learning about mining and he got all of his tricks of the trade from his family members and older miners.

During summer breaks, he used to work at the mine, and had a pretty clear idea of what he was going to do in the future. Parker has one brother, Payson.

His grandfather had a mining company, so it is no wonder mining was in his blood. He learned the basics and much more from his grandfather and he still follows his advice.

When it was time to prepare for college, Parker had a different idea. He decided to invest his college funds into his own mining job. Even though everyone warned him about the risks of the job, he knew what his dream was and remained until that day.

Mining career and reality TV show

After his first investment, Parker found almost 1,100 ounces of gold. This was both his first and until now biggest achievement. It’s no wonder he continued his mining career and focused on even bigger findings.

He is most known for his participation in the show Gold Rush on Discovery Channel. The show follows gold miners in Alaska, who are searching for the valuables hidden underneath the ground. Parker earned a nickname “The Young Master” because of his talent and love for outdoors.

Schnabel loves exploring and the passion for new adventures is visible in his on-screen appearance. He loves geology and mining studies and he plans to finish his studies so he can bring even more knowledge to his family’s company.

Parker was forced to replace his grandfather after his death and take his place as the leader of the mining crew. Even though he is very young and still inexperienced as other miners, with the advice he learned from his grandfather he has been doing his job more than successfully.

The show Gold Rush began airing in 2010. Parker’s role in the show is to help miners and to teach them how to go for the big catch. The show primarily followed miners in Alaska, who lost their jobs and had no other choice but to start looking for luck underneath the ground.

The show is now in its seventh season and the popularity of the show has been surprising. Parker alongside other miners brings both professional and humorous note to the mining business. The goal of the show is to teach the viewers about this very difficult and responsible job.

In the season 6, Parker mined, together with his crew, almost 3,500 ounces of gold which are worth around 3.5$ million. Parker earns around 42,000$ on monthly basis and his profit keeps on growing.

This young man has already achieved more than many of us can even dream of and he is continuing to entertain us in every episode of Gold Rush. Because of the show’s popularity, it is probable that the show will continue to run for few more seasons.

Private life

Parker Schnabel is a relatively new face on our TV screens. Because of his age and the job he does, there hasn’t been much information about his private life.

His girlfriend Ashley Yule has been presented in the latest season and presented her to his mining crew. There haven’t been any changes in his private life, and because of his age we can only wait and see if the relationship will progress to something more serious.

Parker lost his grandfather recently, and he was forced to take his place in leading the mining crew. His grandfather was his biggest inspiration and advisor.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Parker Schnabel

Date of Birth: July 22, 1994

Birth Place: Haines, Alaska

Age: 22 years

Profession: Reality TV personality, Gold miner

Height: 1.87 m

Weight: 75 kg

Net worth: 1$ million