Lil Dicky, whose real name is David Andrew Burd, is an American comedian and a rapper. His nickname is LD. He is very popular amongst hip hoppers due to his honest work and the way he made his career from the scratch.

Early life:

He was born as David Andrew Burd on March 15, 1988 in Cheltenham in Pennsylvania, in United States.

Andrew grew up in a township on the north of Philadelphia called Cheltenham Township. The specific part where his family lived was called Elkins Park.

His interest in music began when he was only a kid. He mostly listened to hip hop and rock (mostly alternative) and by the time he was in the 6th grade he was very good at rapping. He was very curious when it comes to music and he listens to all types of genres.

It all began in his fifth grade when he began to do some serious rapping as a result of a school assignment he had.

Andrew started listening to Jay-Z, a receiver of 21 Grammy awards, and Naz. He found role models in people that give themselves to the lyrics they make. He wanted to be like them.

When he was 14 years old, he was an opening act for the R&B group called “112”.

He was a student at Cheltenham High School and this period of his life was marked with two things: his very good grades which showed that he was very smart and the fact that he was the main class comedian and he himself liked to do comedy. He is very loveable because his comedy isn’t rude, it’s actually very clever.

After finishing high school he was enrolled to the University of Richmond (which was at the same time a college of choice of Dave East, a known rapper). He continued his good work there, graduating “summa cum laude” at the E.C. Robins Business School.

He graduated in 2010 with the highest honors. This is something not a lot of rappers can brag about and the media oftenly talks about it as something that the hip hop scene rarely sees.

Career development:

After graduation he had no trouble finding a job so he moved to San Francisco in California. He worked in an advertising company “Goodby, Silverstein & Co.” as an account manager.

He was moved to their creative department after he surprised his managers with his monthly progress reports made as rap videos.

His breakthrough came with a Dorito ad which was also rapped. After that he became a TV, Print and Digital advertise writer.

Soon after he decided to pursue only his music career.

After he saw the good reactions of people on his videos he started working on his first mixtape called “So Hard” in 2011. It took him two years to finish all of his tracks. It wasn’t easy considering he recorded it on his MackBook Pro laptop and one microphone.

After he finished them he started posting them on YouTube on a weekly basis. His music video “Ex-Boyfriend” (and it was also the leading song of the mixtape) went viral in only 24 hours after he posted it on YouTube.

He invented an event called ” Lil’ Dicky Hump Days” and focused on putting some new content on his YouTube channel every Wednesday so people started waiting for Wednesday.

After the release of numerous songs and videos he ran out of money and started a funding event called ” Kickstarter” in order to raise money  for recording albums and touring. He raised even more than he wanted and started his tour.

His fitst concert was in Philadelphia at the beginning of 2014. After his initial success he signed to a record label CMSN.

Lil Dicky released his first album in 2015, entitled “Professional Rapper” and they had various guest appearances: Snoop Dogg, T-Pain and many more. The album came to No 2 on Billboard Top 200 Chart.

The title single for this album includes an interview with Snoop Dogg, where he is applying for the job of rapper and Snoop decides.

He appeared in a music video “Watch Yo Self” with Trinidad James.

XXL Magazine has put him on their Freshmen list in 2016, alongside 21 Savage, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty and many more.

In the spring of 2017, his music video for the single “Pillow Talking” was released, showing of with extreme special effects. This video was listed amongst the 50 most expensive videos ever.

A few months ago Lil Dicky released an EP under his another stage name Brain, and with the single “I’m Brain”.

One of his latest videos “$ave Dat Money” really shows his abilities and imagination. He decided to record a music video without spending money. How? He took two cameraman with him to an elite part of town.

There he was trying to persuade owners of mansions to let him film his video in their houses. Most of them rejected his offer but there was one lady who let him in so he had some great shots in one expensive villa.

He also found a yacht owner who gave him the permit to use his yacht for the video and one manager to let him drive in his Lamborghini for 15 minutes.

So eventually he filmed a great video without money spent. The video featured Fetty Wap and Rich Homie Quan. It’s epic how he did this and he actually showed other rappers how music can be done without spending cash.

Many people don’t know that he directed all of his video and every video begins with cursive title saying ” Lil’ Dicky Presents”. He likes to have control of his music and loves to have all of the credit for his work.

Everybody likes his concerts and they are almost always sold out not only because of his music but for the fact that he does a stan-up comedy acts on them.

He became friends with Justin Bieber and they got closer after Lil Dicky signed a contract with his talent manager Scooter Braun. He will work together with his own manager Mike Hertz.

Lil Dicky is interested in making his own TV show and he finds TV as the greatest media ever.

Personal life:

He is currently without girlfriend. He mentions a girl named Molly in the music video and talks about how he lost her  because he was preoccupied with music. She married another guy and it broke his heart.

What is interesting the girl in that music video was really the same Molly who broke his heart – she played herself.

He seems to be very proud of who he is and he steps out on the scene whenever someone is talking bad things about him. He is not afraid to show his knowledge by a few good arguments.

He comes from a Jewish family and he is proud of it. He often mentions that fact in his lyrics.

Lord Jamar  was one of the rappers who claimed that “white rappers are guests in hip hop,”  and Lil Dicky returned the ball saying that a white man invented basketball but thank God black people play it.

Quick summary

Full name: David Andrew Burd

Date of birth: March 15, 1988

Birthplace: Cheltenham, Pennsylvania

Age: 29

Profession: rapper, comedian

Height:180 cm

Weight: 71 kgs

Net Worth: $1 million