Net worth of the rich and famous is something that we all like to discuss and think about. Their lavish lifestyles make us sometimes sad because we cannot afford as much as they can, but when we hear their back stories, we actually understand how hard they have worked for everything they own.

In today’s text we are going to discuss the lifestyle and net worth of Ace Hood, a famous American rapper and singer. We will talk about his net worth, his biography and career, so if you would like to know more about this talented young man, then keep on reading.

Early years

Antoine McColister was born on May 11, 1988 in Florida in Port St. Lucie. He finished the Deerfield Beach High School in Deerfield Beach in Florida. He is currently hired by DJ Khaled Records and by Def Jam Records.

Ace grew up in Florida and his childhood was just like the childhoods of other children around him. While he was younger, he was really good at football and played for the School team. He even thought of pursuing a professional career in football but after he suffered from an injury ring his match, he had to quit his football career and think of something else.

Music was the closest thing to what he wanted to do in life, so he stared thinking seriously about rapping career. After the injury he got even more motivated to start practicing for his performances. To start seriously performing in front of a crowd, he started participating in talent shows and auditions.

This made him popular in his neighborhood but also in a wider area. In 2006 he joined a team called Dollaz and Dealz. Together with them, he recorded a song MOE and he started promoting the song together with the group. From that point on, he started taking his career more seriously and began practicing even more.

Career development

His career began in mid-2007, when he met a famous producer Khaled in front of the radio studios in South Florida. After Ace gave a small autobiography and a demo, Khaled asked him to perform a free style rap on an instrumental of the song “I’m So Hood” and shortly afterwards, he ended up hiring Hood for his record label, “We The Best Music Group” .

Their first album, Guttacame out in the year 2008. Some singles are: “Cash Flow” with the participation of T-Pain and Rick Ross and “Ride” with the participation of Trey Songz. In addition, he released two mixtapes, titled Ace Will not Fold and All Bets on Ace, respectively. The album “Gutta” debuted at 36th among Billboard 200 and sold only 25 thousand copies in the first week.

In 2009 on June 30th Ace released their second album, “Ruthless” by Def Jam. The first song under the name “Overtime” came out, and it was done by “The Runners” and had special appearances by Akon and T-Pain. The second single was “Loco Wit The Cake”, made by the “Schife”. The album debuted at 23rd among Billboard 200, selling 20 thousand copies in the first week and contains special guest appearances from Rick Ross, Jazmine Sullivan, Ludacris, The-Dream, Lloyd and Birdman.

In 2011, Ace Hood confirmed their third album called “Blood, Sweat & Tears”. That was released on August 9 of that year. The first single was “Hustle Hard”, which was even his most well placed single among the Billboard 100, coming in 60th. The album sold 26,000 copies in the first week and debuted at # 8 on the Billboard 200, becoming the most famous album by Rapper.

In 2012, Hood collaborated with Bow Wow and appeared on the album “Self Made Vol 2” by the Maybach Music Group. With the combination of “We The Best” with “Cash Money”, all DJ Khaled’s artists also became part of Cash Money, creating the YMCMB (Young Money Cash Money Billionaires) family. The rapper’s fourth album (Trials & Tribulations, July 16, 2013) then came out with the labels “Cash Money” and “We The Best”. In addition, he released two mixtapes this year, Starvation (March 30) and Body Bag Vol. 2 (August 17).

In 2013, Ace Hood released their tape Starvation 2 (January 10), which garnered over 500,000 downloads only on the “DatPiff” site. The first single from the album “Trials & Tribulations” comes out shortly after, and is the song “Bugatti”, with special participation of Future in the refrain and Rick Ross.

In 2014, Ace released a mixtape created by Cool and Dre, The Beat bully, The Renegades and many others. The mixtape was called Body Bag 3. Just two moths after the mixtape came out, he released a single called We Don’t.

Ace Hood’s net worth is 5$ million. Most of his net worth comes from his music and performances. Even though he is not at the peak of his career he still performs and his wealth is certainly going to go up. Besides earning money from his performances, Ace also guest starred in many other songs by different artists. This also brought in more money to him, and made him even richer.

Ace, like all other celebrities likes to invest him money, which only brings him more money. Since his net worth is at 5$ million, we can certainly conclude that Ace made some good investments in his life.

Another thing that brings Ace money is social media platforms. He has any followers on his social media, and also around 500 thousand subscribers on YouTube. This brings him some extra cash on the side, when he is not performing or working on new music.

So far, he hasn’t released anything new since 2014, so it is probably time to release something new and surprise him audience. We have to be patient and see what he has for us.

Personal life

Ace Hood is certainly a household name on the rap scene and his songs have made a huge impact on the rap industry. Like we already mentioned, he grew up in Florida together with his mother but there are no records of his father.

Since he is not mentioned by Ace often, we can only guess that he was never in his life. The biggest impact on him growing up, had his mother she was the stone in their household and she kept everything together.

The two of them managed to get by and she raised Ace as a single parent. Ace didn’t have any siblings, which was one more reason for his mother to put all the focus on her son. Ace grew up with her attention and never lacked anything in his life.

Because of his sports injury, while he was in 10th grade, he couldn’t pursue a professional career in football. This devastated him, but he knew that he had no choice. He had to keep pushing forward and focusing on his goals. His next big love was music and rap, so continued to pursue a career in rap instead.

From such a young age, Ace was much disciplined and took his new life goal seriously. This gave him confidence to perform and to build himself as a rap artist. He started his first performances at a very young age and this gave him security to believe in his talent even more.

The crowd loved him from the moment he showed up, which was a sure sign that he didn’t make a mistake when he choose rap music.

On June 30, 2009 Ace Hood released their second album titled ” Ruthless ”, again with Def Jam. The first single of the album was “Overtime”, produced by The Runners and with the collaborations of Akon and T-Pain. The second single of the album is “Loco Wit The Cake”. The list of collaborators of this second album includes Rick Ross, Ludacris, and The-Dream, Jazmine Sullivan, Birdman and Lloyd.

Ace Hood, is considered one of the best revelation rappers of recent times, leading to stardom each of his songs. Ace Hood, through his page on twitter confirmed the release of a new album called Underrated.

Ace is not married yet, but he and his girlfriend Shanice live together and have two twin girls. His daughter’s names are Sailor and Lyric. Unfortunately, Ace’s life wasn’t just good times. His daughter Lyric died just after her birth, which devastated the parents. The reason for her death was health complications.

Even though Ace had several popular songs and people love his music, he still doesn’t have any rewards for his music. Ace is still pretty active on his social media and loves sharing moments from his personal life and also information about his performances.

He has been nominated for Best Club Banger, Best Collabo, Duo or Group but so far he hasn’t won any of the rewards. Even though Ace Hood seems to be on a musical break right now, we can expect something new from him in the following period.

His latest single came out in 2014, so it is definitely time to hear something new from this talented rapper. Maybe he will join forces with some there celebrity and make something amazing, or he might even record something on his own. We still have to see what will happen.

Either way, until that happens, we have his old songs to listen to and enjoy. Tis talented rapper certainly deserves to be listened to in 2019 and if he releases something as good as his old music, the crowd will definitely love him.

Quick summary

Full name: Antoine McColister

Date of birth: May 11, 1988

Birthplace: Florida in Port St. Lucie

Age: 31

Profession: Rapper, Singer

Height: 1, 75 m

Weight: 87 kgs

Net Worth: $5 million