David Caruso is a famous american actor.

Early life

He was born in Queens in New York on January 7,1956.

His parents have roots in Ireland and in Sicily.

His father left the family when David was only two years old so he didn’t knew him at all.

Since he was raised strictly Catholic he attended “Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Catholic School” and  later on he attended Archbishop Molloy High School where he graduated in 1974.

Career development

He worked as a cinema usher, and that job brought up his love for acting.
Several years he was trying himself in commercial work but everything led him back to film.

It took him time to get roles, like in “Getting Wasted” in 1980., but he eventually started to act  more often so he got roles in : “An Officer and a Gentleman”,” First Blood”, “China Girl “ and more.

Because of his appearences and the major opinion that he is not handsome enough and that he misses charisma, it was hard for him to get bigger roles.

When he started acting in TV crime series he found out that this gives him more oportunities for getting leading roles than in films.

He starred as a gang boss in “Hill Street Blues” in 1981. and  in the series “Crime Story” in 1986.

He received excellent critics for “ King of New York “ in 1990. and as a crooked cop in the “Mad Dog and Glory” in 1993., also in a cop role.

The role that made him a well-known star was as Detective John Kelly in the famous series „NYPD Blue“ that same year.

He became an instant star and won the Golden Globe Award.

He left TV to pursue his film career but it was a waste of his time.

Even though he was  focused on crime thrillers in which he was so good at, most of his films were not very successfull:” Kiss of Death” and “Jade” in 1995. followed with “Cold Around the Heart”  in 1997 weren’t well received by the critics and the public.

His most popular role came in the popular series CSI: Miami that started showing in 2002. And where he had a leading role asLieutenant Horatio Caine.

This role gave him worldwide popularity, and his slow speech followed by slipping on his dark shades became his signature mark.

Philantropic work

David does charity work for the Best Buddies Organisation which is a fund raising organisation to help people with learning disabilities everywhere in the world.

He is a Board member, and in 2006 he was presented with a Best Buddies Spirit of Leadership Award, and it was done by his own daughter Greta, who is also involved in this charity work.

Personal life

He has been married  three times.

In 1979. he got married to an actress Cheri Maugans and stayed with her until 1984.

He has one daughter with Rachel Ticotin, his second wife and they had a daughter from that short three year marriage.

He stayed  single for the next few years and then in 1996. he got married for the third time, with Margaret Buckley.

He started an affair with Liza Marquez while he was still married to Margaret Buckley and today they have two children together.

Quick summary

Full name: David Stephen Caruso

Date of birth: January 7,1956.

Birth place: Queens, New York

Age: 61

Profession: actor

Height: 1,83 m

Weight: 82 kg

Net worth: $35 million