Jose Canseco Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height

Jose Canseco Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height

For today we have prepared a very interesting topic. In today’s text we will talk about a sport that is very popular in USA. We can find this sport among various countries in the world, but it is the most represented in the USA.

We will talk about baseball and one of the more successful baseball players that has achieved great success in the professional league. His name is Jose Canseco and he is a native of Cuba, but he grew up in the USA.

In his early childhood, Jose Canseco began to deal with this sport, and he initially showed talent. His twin brother was also a successful player of this sport, but Jose achieved much greater success.

During his career, he played in several different teams and was one of the best players in his team. Jose also won several awards for the best player in the league several times and managed to leave a big lead in the baseball.

He played in the professional league by 2011 and then continued his career in lower leagues. Jose Canseco has managed to achieve great success in this sport and it is certain that fans of this sport will forever remember his name.

If you are interested in finding out more about his career and about his life, then stay with this text.

Early Years

Jose Canseco was born on July 2, 1964 in Havana, Cuba.

His parents are Jose Sr. and Barbara Canseco and they lived a quiet life in Havana. Their lives were peaceful until 1960 when various political events took place and their lives began to change. In 1964, they received twins Jose and Ozzie, and they had to find money to enable them to live a normal life.

However, the situation in the country was still poor and they lost their jobs. In 1965, they decided to leave Cuba and move to Miami, USA. After a short period of time, Joses managed to find jobs and their lives changed for the better.

They managed to provide their children with a normal and stable financial life and taught them to become good people.

Jose Canseco had a normal and nice childhood and he has always been in excellent relationships with his twin brother. They always worked perfectly and together they went to school and baseball training. Their love for baseball started during the 5th grade of the elementary school when, together with their father, they watched games on television.

After a short time, the father took them to a baseball game and after that they decided to start practicing this sport. During the elementary school, they showed interest in learning and sports. Jose always had good grades and he was a quiet boy at school.

His parents always tried to teach him various things in life and they gave him support in his decision to train baseball. After 2 years, Jose showed that he has the talent for this sport and his trainers thought that he would succeed in becoming a successful baseball player in the future. Jose finished his elementary school with great success and decided to continue to train baseball.

At the beginning of the high school he changed the local club and started playing for a club from the other part of the city. The coach of this team wanted to cooperate with Jose and to try to make an excellent player from him. Jose was very excited about starting career in a new club and he wanted to become a successful player.

After half a year he got a chance to play in the junior league and he showed talent in his first game. After several games, Jose had very good statistics and the coach began to gain confidence in him.

After the first year in high school Jose continued to perform for this club and the coach gave him a chance and Jose played in each game as a starter. After several games, Jose had the best stats in the league and proved that he would be a MVP candidate in that season.

On the half-season his team was in the first position and Jose had the best statistic in the league. They became the main favorites to win the title and at the end of the year they succeeded in this and Jose Canseco became MVP league.

This was a great success for him and for his team. After this success, Jose was very motivated and wanted to continue with a great game. In the coming season, he started playing again great, but after 10 games, Jose suffered injury, but she was not very dangerous. He had to pause for a month and then he started to get good results again.

In the first 3 grades of the high school, Jose had solid grades, but he spent most of his time on training and baseball. Jose was very motivated to become a successful player of this sport and he had his goal that he had to achieve.

In the first 3 years he scored excellent results with his team and managed to become a MVP of league. At the 4th year of high school he played his last year at the team. He wanted to leave a mark in this club and was very motivated to win the title. They managed to reach the finals but they failed to win the title.

Jose was disappointed because he failed to win the title in his last season, but he managed to achieve excellent results with this team. When he finished high school he came up to the draft and was drafted by Oakland Athletics. Jose was introduced as one of the biggest young talents in the league and in the following period he managed to prove it.


Jose Canseco started his professional career in 1982 when he was drafted by Oakland Athletics. At that time, he was one of the biggest talents of baseball and after a short period he managed to make excellent results.

He won the first chance to play in the professional league game after 2 months and he managed to get a good impression. He did not play the entire game, but he managed to show his talent.

After several games in which he was given the chance to play, he gained self-confidence and began to show his talent and energy. After the tenth match, Jose played an excellent match and had fantastic statistics.

After this game, the coaches in the league made statements that Jose Canseco is one of the most promising players and that he will certainly win the MVP title in the future. In his first season for Oakland Athletics Jose had good results but his team lost in the first round of play off.

Jose Canseco had excellent seasons at Oakland Atlhletics and at the end of 1984 he signed a new contract with this team that guaranteed him a lot of money per season.

In 1985, Jose had the best season in his career and managed to win the prize for an MVP player in the league. This was his first prize in a professional career and he was very proud that he managed to realize his dreams. Jose continued to offer great games in the upcoming season, but his team was eliminated in the semifinals.

In 1988 and 1989 Jose had excellent statistics and was still one of the best players in the league. In 1989, Oakland lost in the finals and Jose was very disappointed. In the following season he experienced an injury to the elbow and he had to miss almost the entire season.

He played several games at the end of the season and his team failed to enter the play off. In 1991, Jose played his last season in Oakland and then signed a contract with Texas Rangers.

Jose played in the Texas Rangers from 1992 to 1994 but he failed to make a big success with this team.

In those 2 seasons Jose had good statistics, but his team failed to enter the play off. In 1995 he signed for Boston Red Sox and played one season for this team. In this season they managed to enter the play off but they were eliminated in the first game. In 1997 Jose returned to Oakland and signed a one-year contract with them.

In 1998 he performed for Toronto Blue Jays and had a very productive season. From 1999 to 2001 he performed for Tampa Bay Devil Rays and played his last two seasons in the professional baseball league.

Personal Life

Jose had a great career, but in 2008 he publicly admitted that he used steroids during his career.

He also stated that 85% of the league used illegal substances, but that he only admitted that he was using it. Jose is currently living in Miami and is still active in baseball as a coach.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Jose Conseco

Birthplace: Havana, Cuba

Date of birth: 2 July, 1964

Age: 55

Profession: Baseball Player

Height: 187 cm

Weight: 90 kg

Net Worth: $26 million


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