Jon Favreau is a well known American actor, writer, priducer and director.

Early life

He was born on October 19,1966. in Queens, New York City in a family of schoolteachers. Favreau attende Hebrew School and had a Bar Mitzwah.

He also went to the Bronx High School of Science and in 1984. he started studying at Queens College but never got a degree.Even though he went there for three years and even came to study twice to finish it he never cared got to the end.

His first job was working in the Wall Street.

Career development 

He moved to Chicago to preform in the Improvisational theaters such as ImprovOlympic.

In 1993. he got a role in the film “Rudy” with Vince Vaughn and the two of them became very close friends.

In the end, he  moved to Los Angeles, where he had  his breakthrough in 1996. as a screenwriter and an actor in the film“Swingers“, again with Vince Vaughn.

That was also the film that brought Vaughn great critics and interest for him as an actor.

The next year he had a role in the famous sitcom series „Friends“ for several episodes.

He had a role  in a classic  series “Seinfeld” where he had an interesting character to perform:a clown.

He had roles in several episodes of “Friends” and “Tracy takes” but the most excellet reviews were for his role in the movie  “Rocky Marsiano”.

He directed and produced  his first film “Made” in 2001. and “Elf” in 2003 starring Will Ferrell.

In 2005. he directed the film adaptation  of “Zathura”.

The same year he was a guest judge  and representative for Sony Corporations  in a famous TV reality show „The Apprentice“.

In 2008. his reputation as a great director was proved when the most expected film that year came to the cinema: “Iron Man”.

That was the first movie in Marvel productions so everybody had great expectations from it. He did it brilliantly.

That blosckbuster gave him the financial security and made him thorougly convinced that he is made to be a director, not really an actor.

In 2011. Favreau directed and produced a sci-fi Western „Cowboys and Aliens“  and he became the executive producer  for a blockbuster „The Avengers“ a year later.

Throughout his directing  he had several smaller roles and he even gave his voice to a character in the “Star Wars” trilogy.

In 2014. he directed and acted in comedy drama „The Chef“ with Sofia Vergara and John Leguizamo in the leading roles.

In 2016. He was asked to make a children adaptation of „the Jungle Book“ for Disney.

Personal life

He married a physician Joya Tillen in 2000. and they have three children together. He is very devoted to his wife and family and since he was married there wasn’t not one rumour about any problems. 

Philantropic work

His helping in a foundation preserving Catalina Island and is financing a  lot of charity associations connected to children.

Quick summary

Full name: Jonathan Kolia Favreau

Date of birth: Ocober 19,1996.

Birthplace: New York City

Age: 50 years

Profession: actor, director, screenwriter, producer

Height: 1,85

Weight: not known

Net worth: $60 million