David Laid is an Estonian born bodybuilder, fitness and a social media celebrity, whose quick journey from a skinny boy to an awesome power liffter surprised a lot of bodybuilding enthusiasts. He lives in the United States.

Early years

He was born as David Laid on January 29, 1998 in Estonia, in a country near Russia. He was just a little toddler of 2 when his father died in a tragic accident on work. It was a big shock for his mother who was left alone with her little sons.

She couldn’t stand the thought of staying in Estonia without her loving husband so she decided to relocate to United States in roder to find peace and get a chance for a better life.

His mother was only 23 when she gave birth to him and had to struggle with her husband’s death when she was just 25 years old.

His mother had a tough decision to take him and two young brothers to the States but she had to do it both emotionally and financially. She was a really strong woman when it was needed and her childen thank her a lot for it nowadays.

They moved to New Jersey, where brothers became students at Main Land Regional High School. It was good for them because they stayed close and had an emotional relationship.

They fit in but David always felt that he was mocked for his skinny appearances by muscled guys in school.

When David came to his teenage years he was often picked and bullied because he was very skinny.

He was very unsatisfied with his body and had a very low self-confidence because of it. His mother couldn’t find a way to reach to her son, it was a father’s work but unfortunately she was on her own.

Several months later, doctors diagnosed David with scoliosis, which upset David very much. Doctors told David that he should start training and lifting weights to help him with his condition.

It took him a while to realize that he is hurting himself with being depressed and having such a low self-esteem. He decided to turn his life around and he started it by starting doing fitness.

He decided that he must build his physique and muscles so he would stop looking so skinny. His transformation started on YouTube and his days were planned in details. He started spending a lot of time in the gym and by his computer where he watched YouTube videos.

Once he was secure enough in himself he started posting about his success on social meida.

Career development

He shared photos, videos and other proofs of his great transformation. He has become an inspiration to people all over the globe and was happy to help them with his advices.

David’s favorite training includes deadlifts and bench press. He goes to gym 6 times a week to make the best of the physique he gained.

His trainings are never shorter than 3 hours but sometimes he even goes to extremes ny training for 6 hours.

As for his nutrition, he always had problems with eating enough proteins as other bodybuilders. He just wasn’t capable to eat large amount of food and this is a problem for someone who want to get muscles.

That is why he found another way to compensate: he has heard about macronutrients and he decided to start eating food with calori-dense.

David found great help in YouTube videos posted by men who had awesome body transaformations. His role models were Jeff Seid and Hodgetwins. They were the reason why David started documanting his progress and started vlogging as them.

David’s biggest idol is Greg Plitt, a skydiver and a Ranger, who is continously pushing himself further and train harder.

His first entrance to YouTube was in the summer of 2009 and his username was „computerman91“. It was at the time when he was still not into fitness and training.

In 2013, he posted a video on his YouTube channel. It was named „David Laid 18 Month Transformation“ and it was the period when he was 15 years old.

In 2015, he uploaded his most viewed video titled „David Laid 3 Year Natural Transofrmation“.

He is often accused to take steroids but he denies it passionatelly. His mother had an interview with a journalist from „Mel Magazine“ in which she claimed that he never used them and that she always monitored him.

Some of the psychiatrists who research bodybuilders and their habits, seems to consider that David has a kind of body dismorfia called “bigorexia”. It seems that David thinks that his muscles are never big enough for him and always tries harder than others to achieve this goal.

They think that is the reason why he trains six hours daily in the gym. He is also often called out that he takes suplements and steroids to get bigger but he always denies these allegations.

Personal life

He was very interested in hockey as a kid, but eventually he dropped out and focused on training. It seemed that everybody taught that he was to skinny for hockey but he has put his whole heart in it while he trained.

He has over 1 million followers on Instagram and the number is growing on a daily basis.

Julia Jackson, who is into Yoga and fitness, is his friend and was in relationship with him for a while.

He loved skateboarding and he was very passionate about it. Skateboarding made him even skinnier so he didn’t like that much but he loved to skate and show his skills.

His coach, which he was training hockey, called him „Chicken Legs“ which offended him for a while until he realized that his coach is trying to motivate him.

His mother Nino, who came from Russia to Estonia to be with his father, gave birth to him when she was 23 years old.

After moving to the UnitedcStates his mother started her own business, she became the owner of a coffee shop.

She was a very good mother to her children, not only providing for them but also by supporting them in their goals.

His good friend is Qwin Vitale. They have met in high school and Qwin. Who is a football player, is older than David. They often make videos together and they train together.

He always takes his iPhone with him wherever he goes. He often takes selfies, shares photos and communicates over  social media.

He lives in Atlantic City and likes it very much because there is always something happening there and bodybuilding is very popular in that city.

Quick Summary

Full name: David Laid

Date of birth: January 29, 1998

Birthplace: Estonia

Profession: fitness icon, YouTube celebrity, bodybuilder

Height: 188 cm

Weight: 88 kgs

Net Worth: $100,000