Christopher Goncalo is famous Columbian businessman, even if there is no information about him and about his personal life, for people in Columbia he is known as good, honest and hardworking man.

The truth is that the information about Christopher are not available to the publicity, but if you start searching about his friends, family and wife, then you will discover many interesting facts about this businessman.

Early years

Christopher was born in Columbia, in 1983.

He is coming from very traditional family, his mother and father were good workers, they had their own farm but even with this they had a lot financial problems.

Even today, Christopher is very committed and loyal to his parents.

Christopher has got one sister and two older brothers.

Today his brothers and sister are very successful and hard working people.

After, this graduation Christopher moved to Oklahoma, were he had met his future wife.

We can only say that he has had a wonderful childhood, and that he was surrounded by love.

Unfortunately, money problems were a big trouble for him and for his family.

His older brother did not have a chance to finish his college on time, because of these issues, Christopher and his brothers started working early.


As we have already said Christopher finished high school, and after graduation he moved to Oklahoma.

There, he has started working for local companies, he was translator, he was doing day jobs and everything what he could just to save some money for college.

After five months, he started a college and he was studying a finance development and economy.

This was the best period of his life, because he had met his love and future wife Huda Kattan.

Personal life

In 2008, Christopher married Huda Kattan and together they have moved to Dubai, where they are still living.

Huda is famous makeup artist, but she is not only popular in makeup industry.

Huda has her own makeup line, she produce and sell her products around the World.

She has got her own you tube beauty blog, and every day more than five million users, watch her videos and listen to her advices about makeup and fashion.

Huda is certainly one of the most popular woman in the fashion and makeup industry.

Christopher and Huda have got daughter Nour Giselle, and right now she has got nine years.

Quick summary

Full name: Christopher Goncalo

Date of birth: January 2, 1983

Birthplace: Bogota, Columbia

Age: 36

Profession: Businessman

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: NA