If anyone loves comedy and witty people, then not knowing who DeRay Davis is can be considered as a bit not normal.

The American stand up comedian and the actor who rose to fame after his roles in movies like Barbershop and 21 Jump Street, is sure to leave you laughing your guts out.

Born on August 05, 1968 in the south side of Chicago, Illinois, comedian turned actor DeRay Davis had a pretty set mind on becoming a comedian from a very early age with his hippy, sardonic and a witty mentality and that’s when he channelled all of his talents and knowledge into the comedy club.

He grew up in a Windy city projects with the burden of a dysfunctional African-American family. He has an older brother, Steph Jones who is a R&B singer.

He is presently residing in Los Angeles due to his professional demands.

The initial and one of the most important breakthroughs in Davis’s career apart from winning the Comedy central laugh riots competition was at the Laffapalooza festival that took place in Atlanta.

He further scored himself spots in Montreal’s Just for Laughs Festival along with Cedric Entertainer Festival.

The comedian’s appearances on television include programs like that of MTV’s Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘N Out, Short Circuitz and several others.

He hosted and presented his first ever television game show back in 2014 which was named as Mind of a Man on the Game Show Network.

And it just doesn’t end there; Davis has lent his voice in several skits on rapper Kanye West’s albums “The College Dropout” and even in “Late Registration”.

He has appeared in several music videos too like that in Lil’ Flip’s “Game Over” and even in Chris Brown’s “Yo (Excuse Me Miss)” and several others too.

Although Davis’s acting career has had a great momentum going on, he was not that happy worth the same genre of character she was given to play.

So he outdid his talents when he expanded his genre focus from just witty and comedic roles to serious and spooky role in Rupert Wainwright’s The Fog, which is a supernatural horror movie that was released on 2005.

DeRay Davis has achieved a net worth of $1.5 million.

Quick Summary:

Full Name: Antoine DeRay Davis

Date of birth: August 05, 1968

Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois

Age: 51

Profession: Comedian, actor

Height: 6 feet 2 inches


Net Worth: $1.5 million