One of the biggest fans of New York Yankees was born in 1984, in New York. One of the most popular faces on TV screen is Jamie Maggio. We can say that she is one of the first women who started working as a sport reporter and anchor.

Jamie is woman who is breaking limits and obstacles; she is talented, dedicated and charismatic TV reporter. She is one of the first women who have broken the silence about women who are working in the sport industry.

In this article you will find out some interesting information about Jamie, we will tell you something more about her job, but on the other side we will also talk about her private life, her family and her personal relationship.

Early life

As we have already mentioned, Jamie was born in New York, she was raised by her mother and grandmother. There is no information about Jamie father, but it is known that Jamie has never met her father.

Growing up without father figure was very hard for her, but her mother was always there to support, help and advice her.

Jamie spent the childhood in Long Island, where she finished her primary school. Jamie went to Sea High School, she was very active, she played volleyball, but after 2 years, she started going on football.

She was very active child, and she wasn’t like other kids, especially like girls.

Jamie says that in the childhood she has never had a girlfriends, she was always hanging out with boys. She played soccer, baseball and tennis.

After finishing high school, Jamie was still dedicated to sport and that is why she continues her study in University of Santa Barbara, were she was studying for a sport reporter and analyst.


After finishing University Jamie started looking for a job, in this period she was working two different jobs in order to pay a rent and to earn more money for travelling. Jamie was working as a seller in local market, but also she worked as a waitress in coffee shop.

After only five months, Jamie started working at one of the most famous and most important magazines in the World, and it was Forbes Magazine. Jamie was Sales Assistant, but she stops working after one year. This job didn’t achieve her expectation; it didn’t help her to improve her knowledge and education.

After this job, Jamie did not work for one year; this was one of the hardest periods in her life. She made a decision to go back in Long Island, but suddenly she got offer from Fox television.

Now, she worked as an operation assistant for Fox Sport Network.

This job was a big step in her career, she loved this job, it gave her opportunity to show her abilities and skills, and it also gave her big success and independence.

She was working for Fox Sport Network several years, she was promoted two times. In 2005 Jamie was promoted to the position of relation coordinator and after two years, in 2007 Jamie was promoted to the production manager.

Jamie often mentions that working for Fox Sport Network was a great chance for her and she couldn’t be happier, but after several years of working she was tired of doing the same job.

Jamie admits that she needed changes in her life and she wanted to try something different. We can say that working for Fox Sport Network helped her to get experience.

In 2008 she started working for Go TV Networks, where she started working as a talent booker and on air correspondent, she was working until 2011. Then, she has started working for NFL Network, she was a news reporter and after several months she got promoted to the sport reporter.

With this job Jamie earned fame and popularity, she has become one of the famous football and basketball reporters.

We can say that her career had a lot of obstacles but Jamie overcomes all of them. Right now, Jamie is known for her enthusiasm, charisma, talent, positive energy and most important hard work. Jamie proved that if you have a dream, you need to work hard and do everything in order to realize your dreams.

Jamie was rewarded for her work with Mid Atlantic Emmy Award; she won this award for her reporting.

Personal life

Jamie has got very turbulent personal life; the truth is that she tries to hide her privacy and keep her private life in secret. Jamie is related with David Pasternak, he is a marketing director of Sony Pictures. She is very active on social media, and she often posts pictures with her boyfriend on Instagram and Twitter.

Jamie did not confirm that David is her boyfriend, but this couple was seen many times together. It is obvious that Jamie enjoy in her relationship with David. We need to mention that Jamie has got many friends and colleagues who support her and her work.

In the last interview for Elle US, Jamie admitted that her profession is very hard, especially when you are surrounded only with man.

Sometimes you cannot find understanding and support, people think that you cannot achieve something bigger but Jamie admits that she has never think about other people opinion, she has always believed in herself and her abilities.

In her last interview, Jamie said that she has no plan for her love life, she doesn’t like to make plans and she would like things to happen naturally. Jamie said that she is very close to her family especially with her mother.

Since childhood her mother was biggest support to Jamie, she always encourage her to live her life in best way and to believe in herself. Jamie is now planning to dedicate for live for new challenges and to try new things in her life. 

Quick summary

Full name: Jamie Maggio

Date of birth: December 4th 1984

Age: 35

Birthplace: New York, United States of America

Profession/Occupation: TV and sport reporter

Net worth and salary: $1 million

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 51