Noel Edmonds is a famous British TV host and a producer.

Early life

He was born on the 22nd of December 1948. in Ilford in Essex. He attended Glade Primary and Brentwood School.

He had an opportunity to study at the University of Surrey, but he decided to take a job on Radio Luxembourg.

Career development

Noel started his career as a radio DJ.

He worked on many pirate radio stations and that  eventually led him to Radio 1, broadcasted by the biggest British radio channel, BBC.

He became known for his humorous phone jokes with listeners and his great taste in music.

In the 70’s and 80’s he began to work on television. His first gigs were related to children programmes and he soon cane to the center of attention.

He became so popular that he started to host Top of the Pops which was the most famous TV quiz show back then.

From 1985. to 1988. he was a host of a famous game show which was called „Telly Addicts“.

He also hosted in Top Gear, one of the most popular TV show ever broadcasted on TV.

He is a big altruist so he was very glad to produce a TV show Noel’s Christmas Presents  where he gave asewome presents to the public, especially to the people who could not afford it.

After that comes a TV show „Late Late Breakfast Show“ which included stunts but the show was cancelled after a contestant died during his stunt.

This shook Noel a lot, especially cause he was such a good-natured human being.

A few years back , he was a host of a popular „Deal or No Deal“ TV show which started in 2005.

Today he is a director of many companies and a guest host on radio stations.

One of these companies is the Unique Group formed in 1985. This group is involved in independent audio producing and works with other giant companies in the same branch.

He also started a business that includes  real estate development, so he ownes a lot of properties.

Philantrophic work

Noel always wanted to help people with some disadvantages, so he started a helicopter taxi service to help less-able people.

The business has grown and he is now the leader in this kind of transportation.

He is strongly supporting National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children and donates a lot of money to charities connected with people with disabilities.

Personal life

In 1971.Noel married Gillian Slater but the marriage ended in 1982.

Four years later he married Helen Soby and they have four daughters together. They got divorced in 2004. when he  caught her  in cheating him.

In 2009. he married twenty-two years younger  Liz Davies who he met at work.

She was a make-up artist on his TV show and they are still together.

Quick summary:

Full name: Noel Ernest Edmonds

Date of Birth: 22 December 1948.

Birthplace: Ilford, Essex

Age: 69

Height: 170 cm

Weight: unknown

Net Worth: $95 million